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When I was younger, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was one of my favorite albums.
Didn’t know much about girls back then
But thanks to MJ, I could easily tell two things
Liberian Girl was a good, sweet little thing.
Dirty Diana was a bad motherfucker.
I love the Weeknd’s cover of D.D.
I think he did it justice…with just enough of a twist to make it his.
kudos Abel.
Got me to thinking about how many Dirty Dianas I’d met in so far…
And the truth is there haven’t been that many that I’ve run across…and i think that’s a shame really.
what does a Dirty Diana look like?
Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt.
The Romans know her as Diana
Diana has realized the full potential of her sexy.
When Diana goes after a man she wants?
She does it with full-throated boldness.
Some men don’t like Diana because she intimidates them
They think about stepping to Diana…
but by the time they take that deep breath…
toss back that liquid courage…
recite your weak pickup lines…
…Diana’s already behind you.
Wonder Woman’s given name?
Diana doesn’t have homegirls.
She only rolls with Spartans.
Diana does not care about what other people say about her.
Satisfaction will be hers.
Diana doesn’t second guess herself.
If she did it? Then she meant to do it.
If she stepped on you then that was your warning to get out and stay out of her way.
Every girl should let Diana out once in a while
Doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship
Even if you’re naturally timid or cayenne-pepper bold
Diana is the departure from your regular self…
…into that vixen goddess that MJ blessed us with
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