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it’s friday y’all…

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[guest post by The Fallout]

I’m a fighter not a lover; at least that’s what I thought.
I thought it made me less vulnerable somehow.
I’d think
“I’ve survived more battles than I care to remember, forgotten more than most have faced”
and yet, here I am  –
I am defeated, not by death but by that other enduring strain, love.
Love where there is no winner or loser, no right or wrong. No rules to regulate those runaway feelings, no master to tame them.
Where your mind and heart are at war, both victory and loss are yours; both suffered and celebrated in a space vast and yet invisible.
So you walk away breaking your own heart even as it was already broken.
Sometimes letting go just feels like losing.
Then you bargain with yourself, you justify, rationalize; you pick up the phone and send a message or make a call that just leaves you feeling deflated after the momentary high of reading their words, hearing their voice…
Nothing has changed, you are still alone and the word looms – single.
Why is it so hard to let go of what could have been? Is it the time spent hoping? Or the effort and energy expended but unrewarded?
Or is it the gaping hole, the space they leave in your heart and life?
Whatever it is, life carries on, as it must,
with you or without
and so you do what you must.
Run away, re-invent, rebound.
Something, anything to declare your survival, to feel yourself moving on even if you do not, cannot believe it.
If only you didn’t care if you would be missed, replaced, forgotten.
If only you didn’t have to check and see, ask questions that hurt in the asking, hurt at the response.
You see yourself, question your self  in a dance – 2 steps forward, 1 back.
I’m a fighter not a lover, walking wounded but walking away. Looking back but walking on.

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Posted specifically for fans of The Weeknd
loved this track from the first time I listened to it…
but like most people,
I imagined a guy trying to convince the girl to leave the man that she was infatuated with and come be with him…
imagine my surprise…

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I’m only 17
they say I’m tall for my age
like that is supposed to make me feel good
i’m only 17
but I feel like I’m 40
weight of the world and all that crap…
it seemed to matter a whole lot, those troubles did…
until I met her

my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to spend the summer with my older brother
get out of the house they said
get into the real world they said
maybe you can pick up some good habits!
I’m only fucking 17

see my brother is a poster boy
charming. good-looking.
smart as fuck
he doesn’t try to be an asshole…I just feel better when i call him one.
so I move in, and it’s all good at first
talk. video games. Alcohol.
heaven for me…heck, I’m only 17

then she walked in and fucked up my world.
did I mention my brother is good looking?
and makes a lot of money?
yeah. Both.
so it makes sense that the girls he would be with would be hot right?
but it wasn’t about how hot she was
or how sexy she looked in heels or an oversized t-shirt
it was simple really.
she. smelled. good.
apparently I have a weakness for vanilla and musk and whatever else she puts on her skin…
needless to say, the girls at my school have no clue what that stuff is…
i mean…they’re only 17…

so here is this 25 year old goddess with skin kissed by honey and chocolate brown eyes that makes me wonder what it would be like to walk on the wild side.
i’m only 17.
she looks at me with questions and I know for a fact that I do not have the answers
i’m only 17
I look at her body and see sex
I look in her eyes and I see neglect.
one day she will get tired of the attention that my brother does not pay her and leave
I wish she would hurry up and go
the longer she stays the more likely it is that i’ll do something I cant take back…
or maybe I won’t care!

her eyes follow me when I enter the room
either my brother is oblivious or he’s enjoying the cat and mouse game going on in his living room…                                        or maybe he’s seen it all before and doesn’t give a shit…
why on earth do you need to sit on the couch to rub lotion on your legs?
i’m only 17
that shit could make brain explode

she’s stalking me
I’m afraid and excited all at the same time
maybe she’ll catch me
maybe she wont
maybe I want her to

I’m only 17
I don’t know any better.

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i’m well aware that there are more popular Whitney Houston songs out there but i figured that enough of them would be posted all over the place so and I wanted to throw out something different.
this song is powerful and makes my inner catholic schoolboy jump for joy.
RIP Whitney. Cocaine is a helluva drug.


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We all make snap judgments.
No exceptions
we judge everything in some way, shape, or form.
but other people are by far the most frequent victims of our cool eye
we meet someone
regardless of time, place, or situation
and we judge them.
it’s usually quick
the assessment, usually shallow.
but it is done, and will be done on a continuous basis for as long as we know that person

it’s important to note though that although someone might be getting judged
while its going on, he or she would probably be oblivious
 the person doing the judging?
should internalize…
no need to share a screenshot of your mental checklist
doesn’t matter how well you get along with that person
Or how much they seem to like you or you think you like them
giving them a passing or failing grade might just rub them the wrong way

It would be much too early to vocalize such opinions because no matter how that person thinks of you, the one thing that they might feel is that you do not know them well enough to form an assessment of their character, even if the assessment that you have is spot on.
this person has also made a snap judgment of you
and that judgment might just have been that you are mentally stunted and unable to reach accurate conclusions on anything subjective
but more importantly, whatever that judgment of you was?
that person remembered to keep quiet about it
at least for the time being

Now someone might meet a new person and be completely powerless to prevent their snap judgment from playing out in their behavior and reactions.
the new person might then feel it necessary to inquire about said behavior…
this will not work
in order for the snap-judge to explain their behavior, their assessment of the new person will have to referenced
in a nutshell…there’s actually no justification that would satisfy the injured party
it would be best to simply be quiet

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Please take everything you read in this post with a heavy dash of salt;
if artistic license were a cocktail, then this author is about to guzzle it down with the quickness.


The Agamemnon Principle

Some versions of the legendary Trojan War suggest that Paris seduced Helen during a visit to Sparta, after which she left her husband Menelaus to go back to Troywith her new lover.
 Enter Agamemnon, Menelaus’ brother, who had always wanted to conquer Troy, to the rescue…so to speak.
 He convinces the jilted and furious husband that he needs to go to Troy with the entire Spartan army to defeatParis and his Trojan army and retrieve his wife.

This dude Menelaus actually thought it was a good idea.
because you know…if you defeat him in battle, its almost like he didn’t have sex with your wife at all…
slate wiped clean and all that good stuff.

I don’t believe in chasing after a woman who obviously does not want to be with you anymore…
in fact, I think it is downright stupid.
your girlfriend breaks up with you…
tells you that she’s met someone else and no longer wishes to be with you…
except that the Agamemnon Principle suggests that you should then do everything humanly possible to “win her back” –
like sailing your entire armada across the Aegean Sea to a to bang your head against the walls of a fortress for seven (7) years…
lets simply ignore her clear choice…
lets also ignore the insult to your manhood;
its perfectly logical to chase after rejection…
because more rejection might taste even sweeter.

You walk into your house to find your girlfriend shagging another guy senseless,
everyone has heard of the 5 stages of grief right?
well thankfully we are spared such…
instead the guy goes through the 2 stages of cuckolding
shock…and anger.
(Instead of cutting your losses and walking away from someone who clearly doent want or respect you) the Agamemnon Principle suggests that force be applied as needed to get our girl back…
 in this situation – there’s nothing wrong with starting a war with another nation over a woman…
so handing out a brutal beating to the male partner of that wild romp is completely acceptable.
my question is this:
which of the two made the commitment to you?
which of them actually cheated on you, and who was just a willing participant?
I don’t suggest the 3rd party is blameless…
but you cannot punish him and let the female go unscathed…

Another favorite scenario of mine is the one that involves pulling in your friends to “help” you get your ex back…
any friend that doesn’t slap you silly is a bad friend
Agamemnon wanted to crush Troy…
he was greedy and needed an excuse…
your friend probably secretly hates you and wants to see you suffer
the Agamemnon Principle allows him or her to constantly offer advice on how to win your girl back…or worse, offer to intercede with said female on your behalf
– inserting another human into what is essentially a chaotic relationship situation can never, ever, be a good thing

When a girl tells you she wants out, let her go.
she’s made that decision on a set of metrics that may or may not be known to you
now whether that information she’s used is good or bad is irrelevant…
it’s in her head, and that’s all the validation she needs.
if she comes back to you?
she might never respect you again considering what kind bitchassed hoop-jumping you had to do to get her back
and you’d probably live in constant fear that she might leave you again
is that life?

frighteningly enough, a great many people adhere to this principle and practice it daily.
I do feel sorry for them but mostly I’m too busy laughing.

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