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i know the usual thing is to moan and groan about Mondays and how much they suck…
but i’m going to take a different approach from now on
going to start making dates on Mondays
happy hour you say? Monday then…
i figure if i plan for fun specifically for Monday then i might actually look forward to it
ok. fine. a eureka moment, this is not…
but it’s worth a shot right?
anyways, here is something for you to start your week off right.
get crunk then.
fuck Monday.

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no Tyrese did not sing this song…
yes it is on the Baby Boy soundtrack
its HumpDay…
go hump something…or someone.

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this song came on randomly the other day
and every girl in the place paused
George had them feeling frisky and looking to get close
a classic is always a classic
and we have him to thank…even after those tennis shorts and extra weak dance moves
still one of my all time favorites though

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Cam’ron and the Diplomats
…in all their pink glory
happy friday y’all

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2 tablespoons of humpday
add some Lana Del Rey
add ice

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kima. keisha. pam.
have a happy friday y’all.

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[guest post by The Fallout]
I can’t honestly say there was a clear single moment when I looked at it objectively and decided that it was going to happen.
Perhaps there never was any question now that we’d gone into orbit around each other.
I remember moments where I imagined what it would be like.
He’d be talking and I’d be watching his lips, his hands.
I remember tentative hand holding and suggestive whispers.
I remember being in our own little world in a crowded room or car and the buzz of it.
Then there is the night we kissed.
It started off innocently enough.
Well ok, not really.
Things had steadily been building up to this;
the evenings drinking, the constant messaging, the conversations that excluded everyone else.
We sat outside for a change.
As usual I’d made sure I was sitting next to him hoping I wasn’t being obvious and then eventually not caring.
My hands were wandering under the table and I was thrilled by the illicitness of it and by his reaction. He had to stop me going that bit too far but it was too late.
If not my mind, my heart and somewhere else less abstract was made up.
I didn’t know when or how but we were going to see this through to the hot sticky end.
He suggested we we get some privacy, I didn’t hesitate, didn’t make excuses to the table full of people.
He kissed me, I kissed back.
We kissed.
It was risky, heady.
It was a sweet relief to finally be making unhampered physical contact.
It was just good, satisfying but arousing, right.
It was over too soon and I was drunk on it all. There would be no going back, I wouldn’t talk myself down or worry.
Why deny myself?

[guest post by The Fallout]

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everyone knows the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.
but if you don’t, here’s the short version:

The Greek tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece has been told for 3,000 years. It’s a classic hero’s quest tale – a sort of ancient Greek mission impossible – in which the hero embarks on a sea voyage into an unknown land, with a great task to achieve. He is in search of a magical ram’s fleece, which he has to find in order to reclaim his father’s kingdom of Iolkos from the usurper King Pelias. 

i love greek mythology for the simple fact that there are stories that could be applied to everyday life…
in this case, the Golden Fleece represents, as my good friend @VivrantThing puts it:
“the unreasonably unattainable female”

picture this.
guy meets girl.
guy is interested in girl.
but girl is not reciprocally interested in guy…
not for any reason except for on that day, in that moment, she is simply not open to his advances, and does not wish to engage him in any fashion.
well…that’s simple enough…
decline his advances
shut him down
and send him on his way
but no…girl chooses not to do that
because despite her disinterest…she is moved oh so slightly but guy’s boldness.
his approach is intriguing to her and maybe simply telling him “NO” will not be enough to send him on his way…

Author’s Note: In more civilized and Western societies, women approached by men have transformed the word “No” into “try harder”
therefore just saying “No” is no longer a deterrent but an appeal to impress her or else lose her interest and any affections forever
whether this is right or wrong is irrelevant
what it has done is change the whole dynamic of the pickup game for men
either she shuts the man dramatically and with heaps of scorn and possible embarrassment or she simply says “No” and waits to be adequately entertained

where were we?
ah yes. girl and guy.
instead of saying “No”
or even throwing her drink in his face and telling him in no uncertain terms to “fuck off”
girl decides to string guy along
“oh you want a piece of this?”
she asks no one in particular, least of all said interested male…
so she then decides to make him work for it
after all, it can’t be too easy can it?
so she sends him after the Golden Fleece.

King Pelias asked, “how would you go about getting rid of someone who was giving you difficulties?” Jason considered for a moment, eager to show a kingly knack for problem solving. “Send him after the Golden Fleece?” he suggested. “Not a bad idea,” responded Pelias. “It’s just the sort of quest that any hero worth his salt would leap at. Why, if he succeeded he’d be remembered down through the ages. Tell you what, why don’t you go?”

as mentioned above, this represents a seemingly impossible task
from which the guy, should he choose to embark, should never return
girl now allows guy to wine her
dine her
during which time she puts on her worst face
she is on the opposite of her best behavior
when he gets tired of putting up with her shit, he’ll leave right?
this guy pegged her as a prize
and given the opportunity, would be determined to win her
so he attacks her defenses with gusto
thinking that should simply breach one of her walls
she would be open to plunder like the Knights of old
her attitude is stank
her treatment foul
after a while he realizes that this girl is not what he wants
but he’s invested time
even money…not a huge factor, but a factor nonetheless
so after a while, he’s just in it to score
and he won’t leave till he’s got what he came for
such is the mind of a challenged male

but an odd thing happens
girl starts to see guy in a new light
she says to herself
“this guy has put up with all this rampant bullshit and still chooses to deal with me?”
such a man is rare…
…and of good quality!
she then begins to love on him
she now wants to keep him
forget the hoops she made him jump through
forget the history of bad behavior
…and his balls that she turned blue
now she wants him
he is hers
but she does not realize that the milk, however packaged is now sour
he just wants to score
he can no longer see her beauty
or the good qualities that he believed her to have
once he gets what he wants…
he’s gone

but the question is…
…who is the real villain of the story?

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if you have a favorite girl…send her this track…
make her listen to the lyrics…
then download Art Dealer Chic Vol 1&2
thank me later.
happy Hump Day.

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