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before you go into your Monday…
before you are struck by the malaise…
play this track.
and you’ve won

it’s gonna be a good week.

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it’s wednesday.
hump. day.
do not waste the occasion.
do not squander the opportunity
that girl you’ve got your eye on for weeks?
walk up to her and say something bold
that dude at your office that you’ve been drooling over?
give him that “come hither” look
time to let them know how your nature feels.

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guest post by The Yearning Ninny

A few of my closest friends have recently got engaged so naturally conversations fill themselves with a fair amount of wedding talk;
a crucial part being the wedding dress itself.
This got me thinking…

Wedding dress shopping is like no other kind of shopping.
You’re looking for something that makes you look absolutely stunning,
something that shows you off in the best possible way,
something that makes you feel like a million dollars.

You are looking for THE dress; no other dress will cut it.

You try on a huge range of styles and try to distinguish between the slightest of variations in colour, patterns and jewels;
it’s not until you try a dress on that you can really decide whether or not you like it.

When you find THE dress, you know, you just know.
There’s no umm-ing and arr-ing about it, you know as soon as you have put it on.
You then try hopelessly to explain why you like it.
To the outsider these verbalisations sounds very similar to the ones you made about the last dress, and the one before that,
but to you, this dress is different.
You love it.
No words can explain exactly why.
But being female you’re quite likely to adopt the appropriate shopping style,
ie. Go round all the other shops trying on dresses just to make sure that the dress you found and loved is in fact, the dress you love.
By the time you get to the last Bridal shop you are simply describing the dress you love to the woman that works there hoping she will bring out that exact same dress.
Of course she won’t.
So, congratulations, you’ve identified THE dress.
Now what?
Go back and buy it!
But what do you do when it’s no longer an option,
THE dress is no longer in the shop,
they have no idea if, or when, the designers will make another one.
What do you do?
Do you wait, indefinitely, and hope for the best?
That one day you will have THE dress all to yourself.
Or do you go and find yourself a replacement dress?
There are loads of stunning wedding dresses out there, some very similar to THE dress, should you settle for one of them?
Knowing, that when it comes down to it, the replacement dress won’t match up to THE dress.
Can you make yourself love another dress?
Can it ever feel like THE dress?
Or make you feel the same way THE dress did?
Do you just put aside your love of THE dress
and set yourself another,
(not quite so) happily ever after?

some people will read this and totally relate…
while some will shake their heads, roll the tape in their heads, and say “no”
the Yearning Ninny gives an interesting take on the female mind
especially if you re-read the post and replace “dress” with “man”
…and imagine that she’s trying to decide which man to be with as opposed to which dress to buy for her wedding…


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Monday again…
seems to always sneak up on you doesn’t it?
but you have the remedy…
that crunk juice…
that purp…
that kryptonite.
let Big Boi and the Purple Ribbon All-Stars get you hype for the week ahead!!
bump this as you get ready for your day
turn up the volume when you see the work waiting for you at the office
when you’re that crunk…you can’t lose.
get on it.

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ad·dic·tion pronunciation: \ə-ˈdik-shən, a-\
Date: 1599
1 : the quality or state of being addicted <addiction to reading>
2 : compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful.

Addiction is a sneaky creature.
It creeps up on you,
crawls under your skin,
becomes a part of you.
There’s the honeymoon period when your drug of choice fills all the empty, aching spaces and makes everything good
but it’s not long before the need for it, the missing of it, causes it’s own pain.
You can’t remember a time before, the past fades away faced with the immediacy of the present need.
The definitions of addiction talk of substance abuse, compulsive behaviours
drugs and alcohol, gambling.
There is no reference or warning therein about addiction to a person
and yet it’s obvious isn’t it?
Obvious and yet perhaps (or therefore) more insidious.
Being addicted to a person might be the most subtle of all…
and it comes with it’s own special combination of behaviours and substances that give you that rush, make you crave that fix.
Endorphins, pheromones, hormones – those are just the basic physical factors.
The brain kicks in with it’s own special needs and wants and you can’t turn it off.
You might have a chance to spot this kind of addiction coming
– if it’s one of those out of character things brought on by difficult circumstances
or if it’s tied to another addiction
(say if you have a thing with your dealer/bartender/loan shark)
but what if it’s a friend?
What if it’s someone ostensibly good and good for you?
What if they make you feel good,
be better,
give you that stimulation you need,
provide motivation?
What if everything’s better with them and not quite the same without?
Where’s the line, when does it tip over?
When you start to feel withdrawal symptoms when you are separated
but isn’t that just missing them?
When you take risks you wouldn’t normally
but isn’t that just coming out of your comfort zone?
When you’d do anything for them, anything they ask
but isn’t that just love?
Who decides and who can judge?
Are we all either living with addiction or recovering until next time, even seeking it out?

So I want to drink with him,
talk to him,
fuck him,
and sleep with him,
wake with him
or to his words or voice if we must part.
So I need constant stimulation and he’s always got something for me
– to read, listen to, watch, think about.
There is no question of right or wrong,
just of now and when.
What then is this?

guest post by The Fallout

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another friday.
another old school banger.

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its humpday…
but i want you to take it a step further.
just walk up to your love interest and proposition the shit out of him/her.
it might work…
it might not.
but the truth is, if you’re playing Vybz Kartel in your headphones,
you can do no wrong
so go for it yeah?
happy humpday!

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Carrie: You fucked me in the ass Hank! I swallowed your cum, but worst of all, I swallowed your fucking bullshit. And you can rationalize it all you want by saying you were always honest with me, but it’s still stealing.

Karen: She’s right, you are wonderful, you really are and when women get to know you of course they want more but its kind of cruel to let women think they can have it when in really its no more than a hologram.

Hank: Well contrary to popular belief I’m not out there trying to hurt anyone Karen.
Karen: i know. but — what do you think Becca’s suffering from right now?
some guy, good or bad, he’s charmed his way into her heart, and obviously she wants more.

let me start of by saying:
i love Hank Moody.
i love his life
i love his fuckups
i am a Hank Moody fanboy and will be till the day i die

that said…this particular episode of Californication from whence these quotes came;
(season 5, episode 4: Waiting for the Miracle)
gave particular insight into Moody and how he treats women and how women react to him
in a nutshell, the man loves women…
and he is not adverse to loving more than one woman at the same time.
however the problem is (apparently) that women do not want to be loved at the same time as other women…
that love (once they like it and want it) must be theirs…and theirs alone
so the minute they find out that another woman is on the receiving end, they go ballistic
and worse than that?
the man who is giving them the love that they so want and need…is an asshole

i call this ridiculous situation, Cocaine Love
here is a guy that does not want a relationship…
or any kind of commitment whatsoever…
and has no problem making it clear from jump-street.
but you get a taste of him…
and you want more
its bad for you…
but you want more
your friends and family stage an intervention…
but you want more
and if it should be taken away from you for whatever reason
good or bad
you go absolutely berserk…
risking alienating he who supplies you the love you so crave.
you risk your supply…

Carrie gets pissed because she realizes a few things…
Hank still loves his wife…but thats not her main issue.
her issue is that Hank loved her…but didn’t want to commit to her…
but upon finding out that she could not tie him down
she decided her best bet was to scorch the earth
she breaks up with him in spectacular fashion
and storms off into the night
when she’s had time to calm down she realizes that she wants him around, commitment or no commitment…
she wants her fix
but its too late…he’s gone
and how does she respond?
she goes into a junkie rage and burns his apartment

she’s mad because she gets a glimpse of how Hank really is
and how, regardless of his fuckups, his friends still love him
his ex-whatever still loves him
and she could’ve still had him, if she’d calmed down and taken what was offered.
upon realizing what he has/had/could have…what does she do?
she calls him a loser…
dresses him down in front of all his friends…
and storms off (once again) into the night.

true junkie behavior.

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