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guest post by the Yearning Ninny

I’m single and I’m not sure I can be arsed to mingle

Whilst being single is a relatively new concept for me
being on my own isn’t
my previous relationships have at some point involved an element of long-distance
so I am fairly used to being independent
but that’s not the issue…
Before single-dom became forced upon me, I’d go out with my friends for a night out,
and it was just that,
a girlie night out.
What girl doesn’t love a girlie night out?
Because, apparently when you’re single you are no longer allowed nights out purely to have fun with your friends.
No no, instead, nights out now seem to have one purpose and one purpose only;
find me a guy
It isn’t me that’s pushing this by the way,
this is my friends’ agenda…
Why do they do this?
I have never gone out to bars to find guys,
I go to bars to have fun…
fun with my friends…
not with random drunk guys who want in on the convo so they can get a bit of nookie.
Am I wrong in my approach?
Should I now be thinking that pulling random guys in bars is the best way forward?
I hope not.
But why do I seem to be the only person that thinks this is not the best way to meet someone?
Has too long out of the single game come to mean that I’ve got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to going out?
Don’t even get me started on people who want to introduce me to men they know simply because the said man is single.
They don’t even ask about any qualities I value in a man,
they simply assume that because I’m single I’ll get with any guy who has the same relationship status

Fuck it’s annoying.

guest post by the Yearning Ninny

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guest post by the Yearning Ninny

People say love hurts
But if it hurts…is it really love?
Isn’t love meant to make you happy?
Do people just say love hurts to justify their dysfunctional relationships?
I mean, it’s far easier to say that…than admit that the relationship you’ve poured your heart and soul into failed.
Nobody likes failure.
Especially failure in something you wanted so much.
What is love anyway?
The ‘chemistry’ that is so often talked about can surely be attributed to lust,
and the qualities you like in that person are based on friendship.
Is it the combination of the two that creates love?
Is there a winning ratio?
Whatever love is, is there really only ever one true love?
Or are there many loves?
Do we just feel the need to believe that the one we end up with is THE one,
rather than the one we settled for?
Is it the happily ever after concept we fall in love with?
After my ‘first love’, I thought that ‘true love’ came down to timing.
It’s relatively easy to meet someone you like,
who you fancy…
who you want to spend time with…
and if you both want the same thing at the same time…it’s love,
or at least you start to think it is.
You interpret their characteristics in a more favourable manner
because you want the same things at the same time.
You want it to work,
so you work harder at the relationship to make it work.
For example, if a girl is ready to live with a guy and the guy isn’t ready,
maybe he likes his space and doesn’t want to fill his apartment with girl crap;
it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like the girl,
it means he’s not ready for that stage of his life yet.
They are not in the same ‘place’ at the same time.
If you’re not in the same ‘place’ at the same time;
you’ll probably break up.
This relates to everything from libido to living together, marriage, children etc…
If you’re in different stages of your life, for whatever reason,
it won’t pan out.
Certainly not until you’re in the same place.
As I said, this is what I used to think.
Before I met someone who made me question that, and then disbelieve it.
Simple…I thought I’d found true love.
I thought love was the most amazing feeling in the world.
I thought love hurt, sometimes…
I couldn’t imagine my life being as content without him in it.
Then he went away.
We weren’t in the same place.
Apparently even when you want the same things, practicalities get in the way.
Shit happens.
So, I’m left wondering, was it really ‘true love’, or was it ‘a love’?
I think I have to believe it was ‘a love’…
if it was my one shot at true love then I’m fucked…
Because whatever you think love is, the fact of the matter is, without it, life’s a little less… interesting.

guest post by the Yearning Ninny 

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so its monday…
maybe you’ve got a job that you hate…
maybe youve got a boss that does not like you…
and a week from hell that involves virtual thumbscrews
you’re not looking forward to it

now listen to this track
listen to Amy’s calm and soothing voice…
the drums…
now listen to Amy tell you that she believes in you…

…now go out there and kick Monday’s ass.

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have a little sex…
have a little candy…
maybe have them both at the same time?
happy humpday people

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She’s pretty in the fashion of today
Not very dark skin,
bright lipstick, lash and hair extensions
She looks like she’d be pretty though underneath it all
Nice smile, bright eyes
She darts in and out of tables
Nifty on heels
and the slightly too short dress that is the hostess’ uniform
Glorified waitress really but it’s a step up from the … restaurant she’d been slogging away at
At least at this job, there’s variety
and sometimes a really big tip at these fancy dos
She has a ready smile for everyone,
pays the right amount of attention to wives and girlfriends
She tells one lady she has beautiful eyes…
she isn’t being insincere

He asks for fresh drink
He is polite, smells nice, doesn’t try to touch her,
just waits his turn for her attention
She gives him the usual service…
but he catches her eye and her smile falters,
she feels… something
He smiles back
she goes off and comes back with their orders
Careful not to linger or share another moment
They are all the same and she doesn’t need the trouble

He watches her walk away
He’s not sure why he made that moment happen,
why he made sure to look her in the eyes…
Tried to get her to smile a real smile at him…
Now she’s ignoring him…
but that means something doesn’t it?
Perhaps that she knows better, like he should.
They see each other’s type all the time
It’s her job to keep the diners and partygoers happy
His to attend these things and mingle, network,
be the face of the brand
It’s never real and it’s always tiring
rarely satisfying
He can imagine that it’s worse for her;
at the beck and call of leering men and impatient women
they all want her service
She’ll only think the worst of him and perhaps she should.
She can’t keep avoiding his table
She’s already pretended to be busy twice and sent one of the other girls over
She’s caught him looking around nonchalantly
but she can feel his intent
Maybe if she times it right he won’t be paying attention when she goes over to check on everyone
What are the chances?
Look, it’s no big deal
you’ve dealt with troublesome, hands, rude and just plain disgusting people before, this is no different!
or so she tells herself
If only he didn’t look right into her
if only he didn’t wait till he had her full attention to speak
If only he wasn’t so polite
If only she didn’t want to see that easy smile again
payment for her service
If only he didn’t smell so good
if only couldn’t see the definition through his white shirt.
If only wishes were horses….

He is going to have to leave
He can’t hang around waiting for her to get just close enough for…
him to slip her his number?
ask for hers?
This is ridiculous.
It’s Friday night and there’s a pile of work in the car
If you’ve any sense you say your goodbyes,
press the flesh
and stop wasting valuable time.
or so he tells himself
If only he wasn’t intrigued by her
those bright eyes and sweet smile.
If only he didn’t admire her patient handling of petulant guests
her service
If only he hadn’t seen her stop to take a break…
climbing down from those heels when she thought no one was watching
If only her legs still didn’t go on forever

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i know its only wednesday…but what better way to break up the week than with a quick trip to your local creep inn?
oh what?
you don’t creep?
no problem…you can take your favorite girl/boy

don’t know what exactly happened to Ideal but they sure blessed us with this one

its humpday.
try to have a little bit of fun today

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crazy talent
crazy beat
crazy that she had to go
this will always be one of my favorite tracks though

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