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this guy has to be one of the most underrated artists in the R&B game
if for some reason, you have never heard of Raheem…
first off, i’m sorry.
second, welcome.
excellent delivery
and the lyrics are on point
this track is on of the two/three that put him on the map


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All we’ve ever wanted…is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it.

Friday musings.
Robbie Williams style.

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We have all seen or heard this scenario at some point:
Jealous boyfriend of very pretty girl confronts random guy at club/party/street/church and asks some version of:
“Why you staring at my girl?!”
this is the beginning of an exchange that I don’t think should ever happen between men.
It’s absolutely pointless.
I’m not even sure I understand the motives or insecurities behind it…
I mean, if you bought a Ferrari, you wouldn’t mind a circle of gawkers, would you?
(okay, so your hot girlfriend is not a Ferrari but…)
…just because someone is staring appreciatively at your Ferrari does not necessarily mean that they want to steal it…
…yet someone staring appreciatively at your girlfriend means that they would like to steal her?
alright then.
let’s delve into that

If your Ferrari gets stolen, it probably won’t care who drives it.
now your girl? she would probably like to have some say in what man climbs on top of her at night,
especially if that man is not you…
now, if she doesn’t care?
then your girl is a whore,
and you shouldn’t be with her, much less worried about if she gets taken from you.
in fact if she’s a whore she will get taken from you.
it’s the way whores work…

Plain and simple – insecurity is bad
but, male insecurity is awful
your girl is with you,
yet you are deathly afraid of the following categories of males:

the ex boyfriend
yes, before your girlfriend met you, she had sex.
back-breaking, toe curling, animal sex.
and that’s the dude she did it with
she screamed his name and let him slap her ass.
…and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
now she is with you.
by choice.
accept that.
if she decides to go back to him then yes, it does mean she would rather be with him than you.
maybe you didn’t hit it right.
maybe your drama was a bit too much (or not enough)
maybe she’s a whore.

one of your close friends
this is the one that baffles me.
you’re dating a girl and you bring her into your circle of friends, then you start worrying that she’s getting too close to one of your friends,
and you’re worried that she’ll break up with you to be with him.
let’s say that happens.
she breaks up with you and immediately hooks up with your friend
well that’s going to be very awkward right?
hanging out with the same group of friends
and having to watch him with his paws all over your woman
well your internal ball of rage might make the other members of the group uncomfortable
so chances are that you will end up having to leave the group.
you’ve lost your girl and your friends
if they let you walk so easily then were they really your friends?

in which case it won’t matter anymore, right?
they did you a favor
maybe they both get so uncomfortable that they drop out of the group
so you don’t have to deal with them anymore.
she’s gone.
he’s gone.
and maybe that guy was probably never really your friend anyway
maybe she’s a whore.

a complete stranger
she’s out with her girlfriends at a club/bar
and you worry that some guy is going to successfully pick her up and take her home…
she works in a male dominated office
and you’re worried that she’s flirting endlessly with that good-looking co-worker of hers
maybe one day while they’re working late…
the guy in the supermarket who’s staring appreciatively at her ass…
the waiter who’s being extra sweet and helpful…
if these types of individuals worry you…
because there’s a very real possibility that all it takes is a few drinks…
some flirting or flattery…
then your girl is a whore
and you should walk away.

the bottom line is that most male insecurities are deeply rooted in the fear that their girlfriend is a whore.
most guys won’t necessarily admit to this…
but that’s where it comes from.

Thing is, like most insecurities there are 2 options
get over yourself, and see how things turn out…
keep doing what you are doing…worrying and acting out
the reality is…
you’ve got no control over her whoring ways…
you can only control how you choose to deal
you could simply not choose a whore…

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another banger to get your Monday started off right…
put this on a cd and bang it in your car on your drive in.
put it on your iPod and turn it up when your annoying coworker starts talking to you.
just don’t break into a dougie in the middle of your office…
…that might get you in trouble.

hope this gets you as crunk as it got me.
and if you do like it?
copy the link and do as Mr 2Chainz says…
tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend!!

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absolutely hilarious excerpt from Elephant in the Room
Patrice gives insight into the mind of a man…
why he cheats,
how he cheats,
and the complete disregard for consequences.


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everybody needs one of these on a friday…

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my friends and I talk about sex…a lot.
some of the conversations are interesting…
some are serious…
and some are just downright knee-slappingly hilarious
I will try to share some of our “insights” this week, in the hope that some may be entertained, and others educated.
if you laugh a bit too?
that works.

[guest post by the Yearning Ninny]

Here’s something I don’t understand about men;
especially when they aren’t really good at it…

Men talk about sex more than women do…
think about sex more than women do…
dream about sex more than women do…
so why then, when it comes to actually having sex, are they so keen to get it over and done with so quickly?
It baffles me.
I know this isn’t all men.
My last boyfriend definitely did not fall into this category.
Perhaps this is why I am now so shocked at the lack of sex skills in other men;
it’s a disappointingly stark contrast.
Perhaps it’s just men that don’t seem to have had many long-term relationships that think getting to the finish line is the most important thing?
I mean relationships are really where you refine your skills, learn about what the other person’s wants/likes/needs.
But why do these men think this?
Let’s face it, sex is fun,
yeah orgasms are amazing but so is the build-up.
Why rush it?
I’m not saying every sexual encounter should be a slow love-making affair, but you can take your time fucking to really make the most of it.
And guys, if your feel like you can’t make fucking last a long time, change positions!!! Switch it up a bit.
Let us enjoy it too.
The really confusing part is that it’s in a guy’s interest to make a girl enjoy sex as much as possible.
Not paying enough attention to her and focusing on your own route to glory is just shooting yourself in the foot.
The more we enjoy it,
the more we get into it;
the more you get out of it.
Make us think you’re a selfless lover and we will be putty in your hands.
It’s a mutually beneficial process.
So why on earth do guys still insist on skipping to the finish line?

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