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okay, its Friday…
you’re going out tonight with your crew
you’re all going to get gussied up and looking fly
you’re going to paint the town red and have everyone talking about it the next day
you’ve done it before and you know that you can absolutely do it again
yeah. you should.
but what about the thirsty folk?
they need love too.
that girl that looks longingly at you and your boys?
yeah the one that looks desperate for attention?
that one…
cut her some slack
invite her over to your table…
buy her a few drinks
let her do a few shots
let her feel like she’s part of the crew…she’s dying to be

you know that guy that keeps staring at you and your girls?
yeah the out of place negro that looks like he has funky breath?
smile at him
when he comes over?
laugh at his lame jokes
let him buy you and your girls shots
let him be the envy of every other thirsty dude in the club
you might make his year…

tonight shouldn’t be a regular night
it should be fun…it should be hype
but let one of those people in…
share the love
let ’em have a good time
after all…they’re just loving the crew.

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I love foreplay.
It’s just so… sexy.
You know what’s coming after and that little delay, the building of pace only serves to make things hotter.
I love sex,
…let’s not get it twisted.
Sometimes you’re just good to go.
It’s quick, hard and fast
or you take your time, slow and thorough, without intro.
You’re good.
Sometimes though…you need a little warming up,
you need to remind your body it’s not too tired, too stressed, too bored.
Foreplay gets your mind right…so your body can follow.
You need to light a spark under it and fan the flames.
It’s like the intro to an amazing album where you love every song.
You know you’ll hear it all,
not skip a beat
so you enjoy the little intro…the promise of what’s to come.
Chemistry is all good and well.
You know you can get each other there.

So why rush it?

[guest post by the Fallout]

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Is it really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?
Are we better off knowing what our lives could have been;
or is ignorance bliss?
Do you ever truly get over the one that got away?

I find these sorts of questions pretty annoying,
it’s not like you have a choice about whether or not you fall in love.
And once you do,
who’s to say whether it turns out to be the wrong one at the wrong time,
the wrong one at the right time,
the right one at the wrong time,
or if you’re really lucky, yeah, that one…
Whichever category it falls into, the important part is how you deal with it and continue with your life.
That said, most people have one unforgettable love;
the right one…just at the wrong time.
They may be the most passionate,
the most exciting,
the one who makes you happiest,
or your one true love.
For me, my ‘unforgettable love’ was all of the above and more…
So what is the best way to deal with the feelings we still hold for our unforgettable love?
Is there even a best way…?
If you had the opportunity to say one thing to them;
what would you say?
Would you apologise…?
or be angry at them for what went wrong?
Would you wish them all the best for the future…?
or simply tell them how you feel about them?
Would you move heaven and earth to make sure you never let them go again…?
or are you happy for what you had to stay a pleasant memory?
I’d say: Fuck you.
When there’s a lot of water under the bridge,
there’s only so much swimming upstream I can do.
I am not a salmon.

[guest post by the Yearning Ninny]

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humpday music if i ever heard it…

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this humpday is different…
we aren’t just going to jump on someone today
this time it has to be planned.
it has to be scheduled.
you aren’t going for a quickie…no bump and run
and long and pleasurable evening…night…early morning even
attention must be paid
pleasure must be given
screaming of course is optional
to get your mind correct, i give you yet another installment from Mr DeVaughn
if you have never sampled his work, then i feel sorry for you
do yourself a favor…
play this track…then go hump someone.
it is a marathon afterall…

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it’s been a while since I put up something on a Monday
Mondays have been kicking my ass of late
but no more
the main man Ace Hood is back to get us crunk
crunk on Monday
crunk about Monday
crunk by Monday
kick Monday’s ass already.

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