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its Monday…
you need something to get you crunk…
you need something to get you loose…
you need something that ensures you won’t slap your boss or choke your coworkers…
get you some of this video…
(i think you can use it as a workout video too)

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i’m not usually one for Lupe and his “conscious rap”
but this track right here…
just turn it up and wait for the hook
…and then wait for that unsuspecting negro to fuck with you today.
happy monday

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|-ˌfa ch oōˈā sh ən| noun
ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin infatuat- ‘made foolish,’ from the verb infatuare, from in- ‘into’ + fatuus ‘foolish.’
Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love: ‘expresses the headlong libidinal attraction'[1] of addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

Someone once, in describing their feelings for me, suggested I didn’t realize how infatuated they were with me and it struck a chord of fear and left me a little cold.
Perhaps I was over thinking it
but its definition contains words such as fleeting and short-lived.
It’s an intense but ultimately briefly felt emotion
and then where does that leave us?
Once I calmed down a little, I started to think maybe it is just a normal and necessary part of what becomes a long-term relationship
the initial obsession is a crash course in the object of your affection.
You spend every minute you can together,
ask questions about everything you think of
and hopefully get to know the other person as well as you can
(though admittedly through the filter of our own feelings and experiences)
Where it can all fall down is what happens when the infatuation wears off,
when normal creeps in
and routine balances things out.
Do you still want to know,
do you still care?
They may not be in your every waking thought
but are they at least the first thing you think of when you wake
and the last before you sleep?
Do you still look forward to seeing them when you’ve made plans
and start to miss them before you’re apart?
So you don’t feel like everything stops when you’re together
and the world still has some colour when you’re apart
but you do miss them
and coming home to them is… coming home?
If your answer is yes, then there is still so much to look forward to.
I think, if you’re really lucky, this is the best part.
Passion can still flare,
lust isn’t all forgotten
and the feeling of being in love may ebb and flow but love abides.
Fear is a memory to be laughed at, though you now have more than ever to lose. Insecurities are assuaged,
egos stroked,
compromise comes with compassion.
So maybe just enjoy the infatuation,
feel it deeply and sincerely
and then when things seem to lose their luster
and the harsh realities of life intrude,
just remember it.

guest post by [Kiss&Run]

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I love this movie, and I love this particular scene…
it is common knowledge that women fake orgasms…
(apparently men can too, they just dont do it as often)

there’s that famous Sharon Stone quote:
“Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships”
but that’s a topic for another day…

as I am wont to do…I polled my female friends and got a variety of theories/responses/rationalizations as to how and why women fake their orgasms
First was the standard, I dont want him to feel like a failure rationale…
which while maybe well-intentioned in the beginning, will only serve to screw the guy over in his next slew of relationships because he would go in believing he had some sort of sexual prowess…
Of course he could be saved by another female telling quite calmly:
You actually don’t know what you’re doing…
but we all know that sort of honesty is rare these days

I can’t orgasm through regular intercourse
I love this answer
not to say that I do not feel sorry for such females, because indeed I do
but this little “problem” opens up so many doors:
first there’s no pressure for the guy during sex
then there’s the variations in sexual activity, because if she can’t with regular sex, best believe she’s discovered other ways to orgasm which means…more fun in bed

I also asked a few guy friends
but their answers were tied to ego, including the standard:
oh i wouldnt know, no girl has ever faked with me…(thank you Billy Crystal)
anyways, my search for a male perspective led me to the interwebs where I found this wonderful blogger The Rational Male, who has a post titled Sex Debt in which he argues thus:

the harsher truth was that women’s tendency to fake orgasm with high value men was the result of a desire to secure that man for commitment and breeding prospects – not as some feminine courtesy for a bad lover

…and there it is.

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first of all i am truly impressed by what fans and/or random people do with music…
here is yet another awesome video for the Weeknd’s music
it’s never what I pictured…but i’m always impressed

second…i havent had the pleasure of a threesome…
(yes, it is on my bucket list)
and there is quite a bit of debate about which version is better:
the classic threesome – 2girls 1guy
or a devil’s threesome – 2guys 1girl

Urban Dictionary goes a step further to instruct the following:
A true threesome is when all three people have sex with each other, not when two people just have sex with one person and not each other.

All I can say on the subject is…if the threesome looks anything like what is in this video?
i think you’re doing alright…

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yup…one of my favorite the Weeknd tracks…
i’d posted this before (click here)
but the video got taken down off youtube
story was that the Weeknd had an issue with it or something of that nature
if that was the case, then kudos to the fans that made it…
anyways…it’s back up.

yes…i know its humpday.
if this does not make you want to hump someone then you need prayer…
…or Viagra.

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who needs flashmobs?
crazy cool dance from Fuse
check out their awesome Azonto videos on youtube.
the girl in this video can move!!

shoutout to all my Ghanaian brothers and sisters…

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The word hater is something that has been used randomly,
we all believe we have haters and guess what… we all do.
don’t matter how insignificant you believe your existence to be…
there is a hater for you out there.

“A hater is one who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike for another place, person or thing, particularly if motivated by envy”

ok… I know we all knew this already but guess what…
you are a hater… and I am a hater
don’t be upset, just accept it as is.
fact is, no matter how perfect or well put together your life is
there is someone better
someone cooler
someone who just seems to be above you in all things…
…or at least those things that you find important
these simple facts are usually hard to accept for some and simply disregarded by others
it is these facts, among others, that sow the seeds of hating…

for example…
boy meets girl…and girl disregards boy
boy tries to move on
and to help the process…tells anyone that cares to listen that girl is a bitch
boy then gets over girl,
finds a new girl
…and is seemingly satisfied.
happy even…
then old girl starts to tell anyone that cares to listen
that boy is weak, and she don’t understand what new girl sees in him

I mean you see rich people hating and you wonder why…
poor people hating on fellow poor people and you wonder why…
I will tell you why…
We are competitive by nature
…and we seem to love the struggle.

I know what you’re saying to yourself…
of course you’re not a hater
you’ve never been that envious of another human being
…or have you?

think of someone you admire.
not a celebrity
not some millionaire playboy/heiress
just a regular Joe…one who you’d like to emulate
…or aspire to be like
well shaping your life to be just like theirs is not going to be easy…
and at some point…while you’re trying your best
and finding it even the slightest bit difficult or daunting…
…you will hate them.
might be for a split second
but for that brief moment…you are a hater

I am not saying you should not be ambitious…
and I am not saying you should not have people you look up to… role models and all
just realize that you probably will hate…
your job is to make sure you use that hating to your advantage

i would like to thank theIncredibleBulk for co-writing this piece 
plenty more randomness coming soon. 

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when you get to work on monday…expect the worst
expect the coffeepot to be empty
and the printer to be on the fritz
expect your supervisor to be cranky
and your co-workers extra stupid
you will be morose
you will be lethargic
until you click on this video…
until you free yourself from the shackles that come with every monday
turn the volume up
kick back your chair
and start doing it…gangnam style…
right in the middle of your office.

now you might get fired…
everyone in your office might get up and start doing it with you…
….gangnam style.

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