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it’s humpday again…
but we’re doing it a little different this time
sure, we still want to hump someone
but we’re doing it chopped and screwed
it is definitely an interesting genre of music
might have to explore it for future humpdays

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i do plan to post more dance-videos
this one is one of my new favorites
another azonto mix (of course)
and I love how each dancer has his/her own azonto flavor
…and there seem to be tons of azonto dance tracks from all over the world!
(this is a good problem)

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man says: I love you
woman hears: I love only you

I love to debate monogamy…and its many, many pitfalls
do I think I would want to be in a non-monogamous relationship?
I have no idea…
but I’d love the choice

The thought of juggling two women…?
seems a bit much.
of course my female friends believe that it takes nothing at all to juggle two men…
…or even more
after reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…all hell broke loose
because I now had a detailed example of how a non-monogamous relationship could work in theory…
…with no bloodshed whatsoever

another friend of mine believes that monogamy is a tool that the Church uses to control its members…

Chris Breezy is over here trying to convince everyone that he is in love with two different women…
…and he is yet to be murdered in his sleep
maybe because one of the women in question is Rihanna? (my new favorite celeb)

I believe that Rihanna has a cult-like following that rivals even Beyonce’s
and they aren’t judging her for getting back with Chris Brown
they might even listen to his music again
they might even love him (kinda) again…
because if their idol Rihanna loves him…then they love him too.
‘tis the way of fans innit?

the world would have continued to spin just fine…
but no, we had to go a step further
Mr Breezy could not decide which woman he wanted to “be with”
“Hi Karrueche…”
…going so far as to proclaim that he loved them both
now I waited for the outrage…
the uproar…
but most people just shrugged and kept it moving
so basically if this particular negro wanted to flip-flop between two women
in the public eye
there would be no crucifixion
there might even be acceptance…

the gay community can thank  people like Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres for being openly gay and getting people to like them and maybe, possibly, changing minds about homosexuality being a negative thing

I’m not saying that there’s a new and improved argument for, or even against, monogamy
there are just more examples of possible polygamous-type relationships…

Andrei Kirilenko’s wife lets him have an annual hall-pass…
yes, on his birthday I think…he can go fuck whomever he wants to…that is not his wife

Will + Jada?
yeah…lets leave that one alone…
but they are still together…



…and I hope there are more to come

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[Author’s note]
yes…posted two videos today
unfortunately I could not figure out how to separate them or make them appear halfway decent
both videos do work…so I hope you do enjoy!

Women love a man with imagination
but these days a good imagination is hard to find…
but this post isn’t about women…
it’s about women with imagination…
the men that come after them…
the men that they end up with…
and the heady mix when they collide
in the realm of these women,
there are the kinds of men they like to approach them
men who can appreciate their nature,
yet have certain differences in experience and interaction

first there is the LL Cool J
this guy’s confidence is apparent
it almost oozes off him
he’s more direct than not
he wants to take her home…
so he actually tells her this
whether he’s known her for five hours or five minutes makes no actual difference to him…and yet somehow his chances with her increase exponentially
he is not the type to engage a woman in the hope that she somehow trips and falls into the passenger seat of his car…
and his car?
probably a Ferrari
there must be no doubt in her mind of his value and his status
this guy gives directions
he knows what he wants…and he wants her to know it too
this guy will call her before she falls asleep…
she might dream of him…because he will instruct her to before he hangs up
this guy wants her naked as soon as possible

then there is the R. Kelly
also confident, but not brazenly so
this guy is subtle
he wants to take her home…
and she will find herself in his car (probably an Audi or Range Rover) without noticing how she actually got there…
…then she will think it was her idea
this guy is full of suggestions
he wants her to fill in the blanks…which her brain will jump at the chance to do
this guy will consistently come up with unique experiences…
not just to be memorable…but to ensure that he is etched in her consciousness
this guy enjoys sexy lingerie…and the process of unwrapping her

both these guys enjoy women
both will get a lot of women
lucky bastards

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if you are a fan of rap then you love the lineup
if you are a fan of music then you love the beat
if you are a fan of getting hype on Mondays then you love the mix
feel free to feel Jay
feel free to feel Dre
feel free to feel Rakim
feel free to get crunk off this track
feel free to crip-walk in your cubicle

…its the Watcher.

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cross-post by Kiss&Run and SardonicallyBarbed

Boy meets girl and is smitten
Girl meets boy and sees…a plaything


It’s so difficult being a beautiful girl
I know, cry me a river right…?
but to be always at the center of attention
with boys tripping all over themselves in a bid to get my attention
having my pick…
It gets old.

She’s beautiful, aloof, and I’m smitten
(yes, it’s 2012, nobody gets “smitten” anymore, just work with me)
I lay down my absolute best game
but I cannot even get on 1st base
she rebuffs my every overture
I’m starting to wonder if I’m dreaming up her interest
I back off…but then she comes looking
does she miss me? 

I’m not smitten with this one…but then I never am
But he’s definitely not repulsive
Actually he is rather… attractive
I do enjoy the banter
and he has a not often experienced talent for making me laugh
So it’s not a total drag…
I mean you might even say I like him
enough to spend time with him anyway
or I should say,
enough to allow him to spend time with me
I’m neither happy nor unhappy with this boy
but I do have expectations as I do with all of them
the boy has hoops he must jump through before he can enter Narnia…
I do expect him to wait…
to suffer even
I don’t expect him to survive my tests…
and I fully expect him to throw his hands up and stomp away in a huff any moment now

I haven’t seen him in a while…
I think I might miss him
Only like I’d miss a pet monkey though
when he is not around to perform I get bored
I mean, I could replace him at any time
but he’s such an earnest monkey…


I’ve figured something out
I can see that she enjoys my company
and she is oftentimes bored and in need of attention/affection/adoration…
Fine, she won’t shag me…
and yes…she knows I wants some
she yanks my chain all the more…wondering why I wont leave like all the others

this boy has a plan
I’m going to keep the dancing monkey routine going
I’m going to let her get really comfortable
just so she lets her guard down
lets me in…

And she does
I mean after all, he’s been so loyal, caring, consistent…
Why not say what the hell
it would make an interesting change
so she lets him talk her into bed
and it was totally worth the wait…
he sends her crashing headfirst into pleasure
she wants more.
demands more
she’s entitled, right?
but now he has her…
but he doesn’t actually want her anymore
her abuse of power tainted everything…
he just wanted a taste of her and now that he’s got it…?
he’s done.

but with her demands for more come another…more diabolical urge
there’s no soft sensual lovemaking
there are no sweet words or soft kisses
in fact he hardly kisses her
you don’t kiss whores on the mouth do you?

he plays her like a harp
he doesn’t just pull on her strings…he yanks them all at once
leaves her panting, legs shaking, and begging for more
he is making her into a wanton, irrational version of herself
he is punishing her for making him suffer
for making him work so damn hard

he is hate-fucking her.
problem now is,
she loves it.

cross-post by Kiss&Run and SardonicallyBarbed

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[guest post by the Yearning Ninny]

Readers of this blog,
I have a dilemma that I need your help with please
It’s a work related issue…
well…work related in the sense that the issue is at work.
work itself is fine.
Specifically, the issue is a colleague.
The thing is, this colleague seems to have developed a soft spot for me.
What’s wrong with that? You may ask…
Why don’t I want a bit of office fun?
It’s not that I’m against sweeping papers off a desk to enjoy a bit of passion after hours;
it’s that this colleague is a girl…
I too, am a girl, but I am straight.
She knows this.
We have even talked about my previous boyfriends,
(because the topic came up not because I’m one of those annoying people that starts talking about their heterosexual love life as soon as someone gay walks in the room in some kind of homophobic fashion)
but she still says that she wants to try and ‘turn me
Yes she actually uttered those words.
Whilst I can brush this off and hope that she’s joking/ talk about guys etc…
she still doesn’t seem to accept that I am straight.
To clarify, I don’t lead her on or flirt with her in any way,
I’m just friendly, in the same way I’m friendly with everyone in the office.
Thing is, this is a job I like,
it’s a career path I like and want to progress in,
so I am pretty professional at the office,
whilst I am friendly with everyone,
I don’t get into conversations that are best had in the pub…
I tend to keep it to work stuff and polite small talk.
My opinion is that if you want pub chat, go to a pub, not the photocopier.
So; I don’t particularly want to get into a position where I have to really emphasise to this girl just how much I like cock;
whilst this may hit home to her that I’m straight…I don’t think explaining in such detail my appreciation of the male form is really office talk.
But then how do I make it clear that I’m not for turning?
Any suggestions?

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no explanation needed…
Monday can’t mess with you
nobody will want to fuck with you
you are indeed titanium

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