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this clip takes me wayyyy back…
Mr Huxtable fondly refers to her in another episode as “Turbo Tongue”
very aptly named

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another monday
another work week
this might help you get through the week

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An exit strategy is essential.
As is a mutual knowledge that this is a one time bonk.
For a girl, foreplay or whatever it is to get you in the proper mood is essential.
You’re doing this once,
an orgasm is the object.
Don’t fucking settle for less.
And for goodness sake, get into it.
It’s already happening,
all your thoughts on how you will be perceived are inconsequential at this point.
There is a penis inside of you, milk it.
[Pun completely intended]
Sex toys?
Dildo and vibrator.
He might just be a lousy lay, despite all your efforts.
In which case, hand him the tools and make him use them.
If he says no, use them yourself.
Courtesy be damned.
If he is an obliging young man, great.
Give explicit instructions
Don’t lay there and just expect him to know what to do.
That’s like expecting a visually impaired person to read a book written in Sanskrit.
You know the zones…direct him.
Get your orgasm, get a cab, go home.
Mission accomplished.
Boys, courtesy demands that you at least pay for the cab ride home.
Unless she was a lousy whiny lay then fuck her, let her walk.

guest post by Turbo Tongue

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