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Sex with an ex is guilt-free,
suffused with never forgotten passion and remembered wants.

Every line, every curve, every hollow….comforting in its familiarity.
Sex without the burden of commitment
but distinct from the anonymity of a one night stand

you look at that other person…
once your everything
but now a means to an end.

No need for words,
pleasantries dispensed with,
trying to pretend that the other person means nothing.

Just fucking…
for release.

Release from the loneliness that feels like a heavy blanket
Release for the one chance to feel like you still have a connection
Knowing deep inside you that the person right there is all you want

But the two of you see the ruse till the end

And when the release comes,
part from each other still longing for the others touch

Wishing that one person makes a move so the pent-up non sexual emotions can pour forth
But you say nothing, playing the ultimate charade
because you want a next time
you need a next time…
so nothing is said and there is no guilt attached to it

I think.

guest post by LipstickMafia

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