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to linkbait or not to linkbait?

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“she’s trying to run through the whole crew”

all the guys at the table turned to the waitress that was bussing the next table
they might have looked less surprised if she’d jumped on the table and started stripping
she saw the disbelief in their faces, shrugged and went back to work

she felt the heat of their expectant gazes
and looked up with a smirk
“should i explain then…?”
nods all around
she then proceeded to educate these clueless freshmen…
this particular female was a predator
not a very one but a predator nonetheless
she was trying to sleep with each guy in their group
and was trying to be slick about it
she was finding reasons to visit their dorm rooms
making up reasons for the guys to come visit her
neither was really necessary
when you consider how voluptuous she was…
the problem was…
she was trying to run through the whole crew
maybe it was a power trip
maybe she was just bored and needed a challenge
what was amazing was that the guys couldn’t figure it out on their own

with that revelation in hand they went and compared notes
same sad sob story
same invitations to come get drunk with her
same come-hither looks in the hallway
same vigorous grinding on the dance-floor

but it turns out that all guys don’t like turbo sluts…
well…most guys.
of the 8 guys in this group
two of them broke away
and sampled her wares
the rest shunned her
even when she was “dating” one of the guys
maybe guys don’t like it when girls usurp their “hunter” role
or maybe guys don’t like that she was very free with her goodies
or it maybe it was the idea of sloppy seconds…
or thirds…
or fourths

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playing-hard-to-get-challenge-acceptedguest post by 3hvndred

The art of seduction is exactly what it says…
an art form.
It is not usually described in this way
not just because it requires a certain degree of expertise
but rather,
because each and every one of us must develop our own style of seduction…
similar to the way artists have their own individual style
such that any art historian worth his or her weight in oil paints can differentiate a Manet from a Monet.

There are so many rules to seduction:
how women are meant to behave…
attitudes they must give off…
for said seduction to take effect.
One of the more prominent rules is the illusion of unavailability.
This works on the simple premise that
we as human beings often want, crave, and deeply desire things we cannot have.
It is a notion that women,
especially in the geographical location I originate from,
have taken on board
and in certain cases taken to the nth degree.

You meet a beautiful woman
and you spend a few days
or weeks
trying to get to know her
in order to,
at some point,
present your intentions…
But weeks and months,
sometimes years,
without you being able to make your intentions known or entertained.
This frustrates you
so one of two things happen…

you either give up on her, and move on
or you turn up the heat, and make empty promises
with false hopes destined to lead you into a world of temporary forevers
That’s where all the issues come from.

Girls wonder why men are so willing to lie and say anything just to get the girl.
Well it is due in large part to the eye-of-needle sized rings of fire women want men to jump through in order to prove themselves.

I spent 2 years trying to convince this girl that I really did like her
and that I wanted to be with her.
This week we settled on the fact that we are better of as friends
because the relationship,
if it were to start,
would be a long distance one
and I don’t think she or I would want that.
If it didn’t take so long to get to that point
we may have been able to take the relationship to a place strong enough to handle distance.
I’m upset because I feel I’ve lost out on a possible “good thing”.
but honestly,
I don’t know what else I could have said or done
but for 2 years, home girl was grossly unavailable to me
even though she actually was…available.
Now that she is ACTUALLY available,
the reality is that it can’t happen.
Who knows, maybe she simply wasn’t meant to be.

But this is a serious issue because when a guy borrows his friend’s car
and borrows money
and sets up elaborate situations
all for the girl to take him seriously,
he just ditches them as soon as he gets what he wants.
A lot of guys in my situation would lie about their future
and just enjoy her for the time I have left here.
It’s the fear of God and a deservedly grandiose sense of self that prevents me from compromising my character and reputation for the sake of “getting some”.
I’m not saying women must be easy;
all I’m advocating is that women must understand that this is meant to be an ILLUSION.
If you are actually unavailable
then you shouldn’t entertain advances from me for more than five minutes.
If you are available then all you need to do is display slight nonchalance
but as time moves on,
you must observe me and adjust yourself to the “work” I’m putting in.
I don’t require a free and easy ride,
the softly arduous nature adds to the intensity and passion of a relationship.
But the flipside is that you may end up dating a guy who originally just wanted some one-night-fun
but then had to create this world of attraction in order to get you
because trust me some guys are THAT committed to “getting some”.
Soon as he does he’ll be out the door
and you know what the worst part is,
you lose time more than he does…
This is pure fact.
Be smart about seduction;
listen to your instincts…
it is a very powerful force within you so it is necessary to key into it.
As for the guys,
you’ve got to know when to leave it…
going the extra mile is commendable
but 200 extra miles on an empty tank is a tad silly
and she almost starts to lose respect for you…
and even if you eventually get her,
it’s a bad foundation to build a relationship on.
In all things…
Instinct is king.

guest post by 3hvndred

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