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Introducing Jack and Jill. 
Jill is sexy. gorgeous. smart. 
She is outgoing and a whirl on the social scene.
She loves men.
But she cannot commit to one. 
The mere idea of being in an “official” relationship makes her feel strangled
So she avoids the girlfriend label like the plague.
Asking her to “go steady” is asking to never hear from her again. 

Jack is also smart
Jack is good looking
Jack is a workaholic 
He does not have much time to dedicate to relationships
When he tries to cultivate one, it’s usually discarded in short order 
His work comes first.
…and second. 

Jack meets Jill. Jack likes Jill.
But he makes no moves because he’s convinced himself that she’d expect/demand a relationship or some sort of commitment
So he backs off
But Jill likes the fact that he doesn’t make the traditional moves
So she gives the green light almost immediately
They want it simple. basic. sexual.
it works well for both of them.
no strings. no fuss. no expectations to muddy the waters.  
most importantly. no commitment. 

Enter Danielle. 
Danielle is friends with Jill. 
like Jill,  she is gorgeous,  free spirited, and fun. 
Danielle and Jill hang out a lot, and one day Jack meets up with them for drinks.
Jack meets Danielle, and Danielle meets Jack.
There’s an instant sexual spark. 
Jill sees it and freaks out. 
Danielle thinks its fun to flirt with Jack and tempt him…
Jack thinks its fun to flirt back and be tempted.
Jill watches their exchange and considers the possibility that they might hook up 
the thought of them hooking up makes her angry and jealous

Does she have a right to be?

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