December 30th, 2011

“After having sex with me, catholic boys start rocking back and forth praying fervently…”

“Catholic boys refuse to cum during sex because they’re afraid if they do, God will punish them for wasting their seed…”

“Catholic boys only have sex with the lights off…because if the lights are off then it’s not a sin…”

Random comments from an equally random and quirky female.
Apparently there’s this phenomenon called catholic guilt
I was totally unaware of it, and immediately asked for an explanation…
The comparison I got was as follows:

There are those religious people that know something is bad/against their religion, and they make a conscious effort to avoid it completely
Then there are those who know its bad, and choose to do it anyway and make all kinds of justifications, such as: oh that belief is outdated/these are different times
Then there are those, (Catholics specifically) who know that some particular thing is bad and do it anyway, then start feeling guilty immediately after, (or sometimes during), and these special people are said to be suffering from catholic guilt

These poor fucks are also said to feel the need to cleanse themselves immediately after whatever sin they’ve chosen to commit, and/or perform some sort of penance which includes but is not limited to fasting, long prayer sessions, bible study, and good deeds to their fellow man.
This is all well and good, but the problem for others is the tendency of those afflicted with catholic guilt to drag unsuspecting accomplices down with them.

Guy meets girl at bar
Both get shitfaced and proceed to girl’s apartment
Wild monkey sex ensues
Girl wakes up in the morning, guy is gone.
Guy then shows up that evening to complain and castigate girl for making him have sex with her and doing things he shouldn’t have enjoyed.
Guy is wracked with guilt for his actions and apparently wants girl to feel the same way.
Girl is flabbergasted and feels the tiniest bit of guilt (unwarranted of course) and proceeds to try to calm/comfort Guy.
In the process of touching and kind words they have sex…
And little does Girl know that the whole guilt-tripping process is about to be repeated the next day.

This scenario actually happened and while a bit on the hilarious side, confuses me to no end.

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