November 28th, 2011
A Chinese wall is a barrier that separates two or more groups, usually as a means of restricting the flow of information. 

its simple really. 
The girl wants the best of both worlds. 
She wants the lover and the friend. 

Plus she wants intrigue.

The boyfriend is jealous of the relationship with the bestfriend. 
The bestfriend is jealous of the relationship with the boyfriend. 
Each might crave what the other has, but its difference in communication that aggravates the situation to the point that neither party thinks straight. 

She wants secrets
The boyfriend wonders what they talk about…how much she tells him…what he tells her…
See, the girl is emotionally tied to him. 
He worked hard to make it so
But the immediate side-effect of the emotional attachment is censorship…
She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings…so she hides stuff. 
She doesn’t want to argue…so she lets stuff go. 
That refreshing honesty they had when they were just “getting to know each other”?

She wants freedom.

She used to eagerly anticipate phone-calls from the boyfriend. 
But now she sees him all the time. 
Might even live with him. 
She’s used to him.
So instead she vibrates with excitement when the best friend calls. 
She can be loose and free with him. 
She can say anything. 
There are no consequences or repercussions.

Chinese wall n. any barrier that isolates a person or group, as one that hinders a free flow of information

Well there is no free flow of information. 
He wants to know if he’s a substitute for him. 
He wants to know if deep down, he wants her.
I want to know if she wants him. 
He wants to KNOW gaddammit. 

She might be doing it on purpose. 
To keep herself happy.
To keep herself entertained.
To keep him wanting her.
To keep him. 
Funny thing is…it might make him leave. 

image: “love triangle” by iann7

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