May 1st, 2012

Carrie: You fucked me in the ass Hank! I swallowed your cum, but worst of all, I swallowed your fucking bullshit. And you can rationalize it all you want by saying you were always honest with me, but it’s still stealing.

Karen: She’s right, you are wonderful, you really are and when women get to know you of course they want more but its kind of cruel to let women think they can have it when in really its no more than a hologram.

Hank: Well contrary to popular belief I’m not out there trying to hurt anyone Karen.
Karen: i know. but — what do you think Becca’s suffering from right now?
some guy, good or bad, he’s charmed his way into her heart, and obviously she wants more.

let me start of by saying:
i love Hank Moody.
i love his life
i love his fuckups
i am a Hank Moody fanboy and will be till the day i die

that said…this particular episode of Californication from whence these quotes came;
(season 5, episode 4: Waiting for the Miracle)
gave particular insight into Moody and how he treats women and how women react to him
in a nutshell, the man loves women…
and he is not adverse to loving more than one woman at the same time.
however the problem is (apparently) that women do not want to be loved at the same time as other women…
that love (once they like it and want it) must be theirs…and theirs alone
so the minute they find out that another woman is on the receiving end, they go ballistic
and worse than that?
the man who is giving them the love that they so want and need…is an asshole

i call this ridiculous situation, Cocaine Love
here is a guy that does not want a relationship…
or any kind of commitment whatsoever…
and has no problem making it clear from jump-street.
but you get a taste of him…
and you want more
its bad for you…
but you want more
your friends and family stage an intervention…
but you want more
and if it should be taken away from you for whatever reason
good or bad
you go absolutely berserk…
risking alienating he who supplies you the love you so crave.
you risk your supply…

Carrie gets pissed because she realizes a few things…
Hank still loves his wife…but thats not her main issue.
her issue is that Hank loved her…but didn’t want to commit to her…
but upon finding out that she could not tie him down
she decided her best bet was to scorch the earth
she breaks up with him in spectacular fashion
and storms off into the night
when she’s had time to calm down she realizes that she wants him around, commitment or no commitment…
she wants her fix
but its too late…he’s gone
and how does she respond?
she goes into a junkie rage and burns his apartment

she’s mad because she gets a glimpse of how Hank really is
and how, regardless of his fuckups, his friends still love him
his ex-whatever still loves him
and she could’ve still had him, if she’d calmed down and taken what was offered.
upon realizing what he has/had/could have…what does she do?
she calls him a loser…
dresses him down in front of all his friends…
and storms off (once again) into the night.

true junkie behavior.

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