September 28th, 2012

okay, its Friday…
you’re going out tonight with your crew
you’re all going to get gussied up and looking fly
you’re going to paint the town red and have everyone talking about it the next day
you’ve done it before and you know that you can absolutely do it again
yeah. you should.
but what about the thirsty folk?
they need love too.
that girl that looks longingly at you and your boys?
yeah the one that looks desperate for attention?
that one…
cut her some slack
invite her over to your table…
buy her a few drinks
let her do a few shots
let her feel like she’s part of the crew…she’s dying to be

you know that guy that keeps staring at you and your girls?
yeah the out of place negro that looks like he has funky breath?
smile at him
when he comes over?
laugh at his lame jokes
let him buy you and your girls shots
let him be the envy of every other thirsty dude in the club
you might make his year…

tonight shouldn’t be a regular night
it should be fun…it should be hype
but let one of those people in…
share the love
let ’em have a good time
after all…they’re just loving the crew.

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