December 17th, 2011
Mama always said to stay away from the crazy ones…
But is that really good advice?
Is it okay to have never experienced what its like to be with a girl with issues/mild psychosis/heaps of crazy?
Most anecdotes are sprinkled with stories of slashed tires, 4am sob-filled phone calls, threats, pleas, promises, and so on…but whenever any of my friends is telling a story about his crazy experience with “Girl X” I always listen intently for a timeline in the midst of all the superlatives:
“that was the worst year of my life…”
“…and that shit went on for months”
I always then ask…
“WHY did you put up with her?”
And the usual answers?
The rush.
The excitement.
The sex.
Guy meets girl.
They date.
They shag.
And the girl is the prototypical lady in the streets and freak between the sheets
At a minimum?
She would have to at least be an 8.5 out of 10.
Im talking about the kind of nookie that has you shifting the rankings of previous partners down to make room for her at the top.
Simply that good.
Suddenly dude starts making excuses for her erratic behavior
Things that would normally piss him off or even be dealbreakers, don’t even lose her points anymore.
his tolerance has been adjusted…
suddenly you start to understand why that relationship went on for so long
they kept getting back together
yeah, she begged. But he went back for more. Willingly.
Every man should date at least two crazy women.
So you know what crazy looks like
…that way, when you grow up, you can spot it
…and run.
So you know what crazy tastes like…
….like snorting a mix of cocaine, ecstasy, and viagra.
So you can get it out of your system…
…cuz face it, there’s something exciting about them, men are drawn to them like moths to the proverbial flame. And somehow we don’t seem to mind the pain of our wings being burned off.
So you can learn a thing or two…
About sex, women, life…your eventual next girlfriend will thank you for it.
So you wont be the only one without stories…
“…yeah she was insane, but she could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose”
or something along those lines.
The pros outweigh the cons.
Don’t they?

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