September 27th, 2012

I love foreplay.
It’s just so… sexy.
You know what’s coming after and that little delay, the building of pace only serves to make things hotter.
I love sex,
…let’s not get it twisted.
Sometimes you’re just good to go.
It’s quick, hard and fast
or you take your time, slow and thorough, without intro.
You’re good.
Sometimes though…you need a little warming up,
you need to remind your body it’s not too tired, too stressed, too bored.
Foreplay gets your mind right…so your body can follow.
You need to light a spark under it and fan the flames.
It’s like the intro to an amazing album where you love every song.
You know you’ll hear it all,
not skip a beat
so you enjoy the little intro…the promise of what’s to come.
Chemistry is all good and well.
You know you can get each other there.

So why rush it?

[guest post by the Fallout]

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