December 14th, 2011

It’s the place that guys with weak game/mojo/lyrics go to rot for the rest of their natural lives, yet it is not uncommon for a man or two with strong game to be placed in this friend zone due to bad timing, dating history, or a whole host of other conditions that stipulate placement in purgatory.

When I think of the friend-zone I always picture the scenes in Superman II where Zod and his minions are trapped in the “thin glass” and floating through space…                   (i think its called the Phantom Zone on “Smallville”)

Some men have been lucky enough to meet two amazing women at the same time (or at least within the same courting period) and have had to choose one (or neither) of the two.

Now with the second woman, the man has the choice to willingly enter the friend zone or cut off all contact with her if he feels that something might happen should he continue to associate with her on a regular basis

Disclaimer: this does not account for the drama-seeking bad boy who will either:

  1. date both women at the same time
  2. date the first, and keep the second on ice until needed
  3. date neither and shag both.

Given the scenario above, is that guy really losing out?

I thought up some benefits to having girl-friends (ie: filling out a friend-zone application form) as opposed to attempting to turn every woman you meet into a girlfriend

(this assumes that if such attempt does fail then feelings will be bruised enough to entail both individuals choosing to part ways. Rejection is a m’fker)

…this girl is hot.

Shes smart.

Shes everything you’d want in a girlfriend

There’s no point considering this for an average female because why would you suffer the friend zone when you could actually do better?

She might ask you for a bunch of favors but then she’d owe you

She will give you insight into the mind of a female with no-strings

Non-emotional banter

As a wingman, she could prove useful

Your boys don’t always have the best ideas come Valentine’s season

these reasons not enough?? Stay tuned…


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