October 11th, 2012

first of all i am truly impressed by what fans and/or random people do with music…
here is yet another awesome video for the Weeknd’s music
it’s never what I pictured…but i’m always impressed

second…i havent had the pleasure of a threesome…
(yes, it is on my bucket list)
and there is quite a bit of debate about which version is better:
the classic threesome – 2girls 1guy
or a devil’s threesome – 2guys 1girl

Urban Dictionary goes a step further to instruct the following:
A true threesome is when all three people have sex with each other, not when two people just have sex with one person and not each other.

All I can say on the subject is…if the threesome looks anything like what is in this video?
i think you’re doing alright…

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