November 13th, 2012

[Author’s note]
yes…posted two videos today
unfortunately I could not figure out how to separate them or make them appear halfway decent
both videos do work…so I hope you do enjoy!

Women love a man with imagination
but these days a good imagination is hard to find…
but this post isn’t about women…
it’s about women with imagination…
the men that come after them…
the men that they end up with…
and the heady mix when they collide
in the realm of these women,
there are the kinds of men they like to approach them
men who can appreciate their nature,
yet have certain differences in experience and interaction

first there is the LL Cool J
this guy’s confidence is apparent
it almost oozes off him
he’s more direct than not
he wants to take her home…
so he actually tells her this
whether he’s known her for five hours or five minutes makes no actual difference to him…and yet somehow his chances with her increase exponentially
he is not the type to engage a woman in the hope that she somehow trips and falls into the passenger seat of his car…
and his car?
probably a Ferrari
there must be no doubt in her mind of his value and his status
this guy gives directions
he knows what he wants…and he wants her to know it too
this guy will call her before she falls asleep…
she might dream of him…because he will instruct her to before he hangs up
this guy wants her naked as soon as possible

then there is the R. Kelly
also confident, but not brazenly so
this guy is subtle
he wants to take her home…
and she will find herself in his car (probably an Audi or Range Rover) without noticing how she actually got there…
…then she will think it was her idea
this guy is full of suggestions
he wants her to fill in the blanks…which her brain will jump at the chance to do
this guy will consistently come up with unique experiences…
not just to be memorable…but to ensure that he is etched in her consciousness
this guy enjoys sexy lingerie…and the process of unwrapping her

both these guys enjoy women
both will get a lot of women
lucky bastards

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