July 25th, 2013

Tell me that you’re mine, that you belong to me.
In ways that none before have and none after ever will.
Tell me that your moans are mine,
your back arches only for me,
your lips part in sweaty desire only for me,
that you subconsciously move those thighs to ease your unease  only for my touch…

Tell me.


I know I am not the only one.
I know I cannot be. I am human, so are you.
You will want another,
fuck another,
love another;
even as you fuck me,
even though you want me,
as hard as you love me
there will be another.
But I want lies,
they are easy.
The truth is so banal,
so devoid of flowery promises that cannot be fulfilled,
so far from this imaginary perfection.

Tell me,
let me live this idyllic fantasy baby,
let me ignore the look in your eyes and the humanity in your veins.
Your lips fraught with nectarine deception,
convincing even to your own ears, lie to me.
Lie to the animal within you to soothe the animal within me.
Tell me that pussy is mine baby,
tell me I’m different.
Tell me I own you,
I run this,
I am all there is…

Lie my darling,
fucking lie to me.

That shit you just read?
That’s you each time you convince yourself that monogamy is something that is innate.
You want lies,
you want promises made that cannot be fulfilled.
But lie all you want,
you’re an animal,
one that will fuck another animal given the perfect chance.
Despite how deeply or how wantonly you want your significant other.
Male or female, it is in your DNA.
You can repress it and keep strumming your guitar in tune to the melodious lie of your existence or, you can grow a pair.

That pussy is not yours.
Neither is the dick.

It is nature’s hand and she has dealt it. Get over it.

guest post by Turbo Tongue

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