November 7th, 2012

[guest post by the Yearning Ninny]

Readers of this blog,
I have a dilemma that I need your help with please
It’s a work related issue…
well…work related in the sense that the issue is at work.
work itself is fine.
Specifically, the issue is a colleague.
The thing is, this colleague seems to have developed a soft spot for me.
What’s wrong with that? You may ask…
Why don’t I want a bit of office fun?
It’s not that I’m against sweeping papers off a desk to enjoy a bit of passion after hours;
it’s that this colleague is a girl…
I too, am a girl, but I am straight.
She knows this.
We have even talked about my previous boyfriends,
(because the topic came up not because I’m one of those annoying people that starts talking about their heterosexual love life as soon as someone gay walks in the room in some kind of homophobic fashion)
but she still says that she wants to try and ‘turn me
Yes she actually uttered those words.
Whilst I can brush this off and hope that she’s joking/ talk about guys etc…
she still doesn’t seem to accept that I am straight.
To clarify, I don’t lead her on or flirt with her in any way,
I’m just friendly, in the same way I’m friendly with everyone in the office.
Thing is, this is a job I like,
it’s a career path I like and want to progress in,
so I am pretty professional at the office,
whilst I am friendly with everyone,
I don’t get into conversations that are best had in the pub…
I tend to keep it to work stuff and polite small talk.
My opinion is that if you want pub chat, go to a pub, not the photocopier.
So; I don’t particularly want to get into a position where I have to really emphasise to this girl just how much I like cock;
whilst this may hit home to her that I’m straight…I don’t think explaining in such detail my appreciation of the male form is really office talk.
But then how do I make it clear that I’m not for turning?
Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “[Office Space]”

Sims Says:

Well the first thing I’m wondering about is what country are you in? Nigeria or England? I only ask because one has to think of what sorts of HR recourse there might be for something like this. But I’m not sure I would go to HR until it got out of hand.

Honestly I’d say try being less friendly to her and try to avoid working with her one-on-one. Also stop speaking to her about non-office subjects.

Either that or you could plaster pictures of Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba all over your cubicle 😀

The Yearning Ninny Says:

sound advice, i’ll give that a go and keep you posted on how effective it is!

i’m not sure about HR at the moment, seems a bit drastic…

lol @ plastering the office with posters 🙂

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