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I’m suddenly a twerk-fan…
within reason of course
i might post a different video every week
but then again i might just not
let’s see how it goes
however if Miss LaShae does manage to improve your twerking skills
then you have to send me a thank you note…


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Here’s some Tiara to bring in the weekend…
oh and Wale is somewhere in there too

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You know you can be in love with several men at the same time….

The one who fucks you so well you get wet just thinking about him
The one who towers over everyone standing on his wallet.
The businessman whose magic words are “your account has been credited”
The soulful one who texts day and night; a sonnet here, a sexy limerick there…
who appeals to your inner Byron
The one who comes when Lastma has held you hostage;
the saviour, the protector, who is by your side with one phone call
The suave sophisticated one who feeds you fancy food like steak tartare and teaches you about wines and cigars and all that good stuff
The sensitive one, who is not afraid to be emotional, to cry, to show you that part of himself no one else sees
A different man for every occasion
You shuffle the deck and draw a card when the mood strikes you.
Sex so amazing you lie back and stare blindly at the ceiling when you’re done, legs quivering, breath hitching, pussy throbbing
Shopping sprees, trips, everything you ever wished for
Re-reading his messages…over and over again, committing the beautiful words to memory
Going forth boldly in the thought that you could never come to harm because he’s always there
New experiences, new knowledge, opening up a world that no one but him could show you in that way
Holding him in your arms when he cries, feeling your hearts beat as one, skin melding, thoughts flowing, becoming one person…..
A different man for every occasion
To commit the perfect act of infidelity is to find all these men rolled into one,
to find the perfect embodiment of a lover,
a giver,
a romantic,
a protector,
a teacher,
a friend.

And then you can cheat over and over and over and over and over…….

guest post by LipstickMafia

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There is such a thing as respectful infidelity. That’s one of the things that I always think about. As much as I’ve been unfaithful at times, I’ve tried, as respectfully as I could, to do it without hurting anyone’s feelings and getting caught. You keep your phone history clear or blacklist numbers from being able to call you or text you. Also, don’t shit where you eat. Sure, it’s much easier to go and have sex with your secretary than it is to leave town and go somewhere and meet someone randomly, but New York City’s big enough where you can meet someone who you will never see again. Anybody from work, those people have to be off-limits. And I’ve never been with a married woman.


Okay, first of all, no Tiger didn’t say that…
i just thought his picture up there was apt
this is from some guy that has a significant other that he wishes to marry
but cannot keep his dick in his pants
you can read the full ideology here:
Confessions of a Serial Cheater

Here is someone who knows he is a cheater and seems to have come to terms with it
however he claims to not be hurting his main partner but admits his partner cheating would “hurt”
maybe he’s not as sharp a tack as I thought
interesting read though
this guy will probably never stop cheating…
I just wonder if he will find a partner that loves him enough to put up with it

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Tell me that you’re mine, that you belong to me.
In ways that none before have and none after ever will.
Tell me that your moans are mine,
your back arches only for me,
your lips part in sweaty desire only for me,
that you subconsciously move those thighs to ease your unease  only for my touch…

Tell me.


I know I am not the only one.
I know I cannot be. I am human, so are you.
You will want another,
fuck another,
love another;
even as you fuck me,
even though you want me,
as hard as you love me
there will be another.
But I want lies,
they are easy.
The truth is so banal,
so devoid of flowery promises that cannot be fulfilled,
so far from this imaginary perfection.

Tell me,
let me live this idyllic fantasy baby,
let me ignore the look in your eyes and the humanity in your veins.
Your lips fraught with nectarine deception,
convincing even to your own ears, lie to me.
Lie to the animal within you to soothe the animal within me.
Tell me that pussy is mine baby,
tell me I’m different.
Tell me I own you,
I run this,
I am all there is…

Lie my darling,
fucking lie to me.

That shit you just read?
That’s you each time you convince yourself that monogamy is something that is innate.
You want lies,
you want promises made that cannot be fulfilled.
But lie all you want,
you’re an animal,
one that will fuck another animal given the perfect chance.
Despite how deeply or how wantonly you want your significant other.
Male or female, it is in your DNA.
You can repress it and keep strumming your guitar in tune to the melodious lie of your existence or, you can grow a pair.

That pussy is not yours.
Neither is the dick.

It is nature’s hand and she has dealt it. Get over it.

guest post by Turbo Tongue

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yet another amazing example of warped female logic
I saw this video and nearly wept
this chick has a nail in her forehead…
that she isn’t dead is a pretty significant warning sign
but let me not spoil it…
watch the video
a friend of mine (female) said that sometimes women feel like men dismiss them, when all they want is to talk about how they are feeling
they want to share their emotional state with their man
and instead of sitting there and listening attentively…
the man instead tries to resolve whatever the issue is…
so he can keep eating his dinner.
so he can keep watching the game on tv.
so that he can sleep.

isn’t it?

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I should say I am a big fan of Miguel.
got all his mixtapes
guest appearances
and random studio jams (more on this later)
so here is one to get you through humpday in the right frame of mind
I mean come on…
if Miguel says she’s ready…
then she’s ready.

go ahead.
hump someone.
you know you really, really want to.

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another short weekend gone…
another long monday ahead…
this should help you get through the day
especially if you get stupid questions or requests…
and you could look at that person and answer:
“when I feel like it!!”
(whether it fits as an answer or not)

good luck in the jungle.

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Timbaland and Justin Timberlake
a union made in heaven
the world would be a much less interesting place without these two
love the song
love the video
some say the nudity is a gratuitous…
but I ask…is there any other kind?

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Wale is back!
and i have to say, I like this particular effort
very smooth and nicely produced album
I have my reservations about Rihanna’s “bad” effort
but that’s another story for another day

in the meantime,
let this jam get you through this particular Monday
and I’ll work on more offerings for the rest of the week

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