March 25th, 2012

It’s a feeling.
A kind of  illogical confidence.
You walk into the bar and you don’t make eye contact…
…with anyone.
The glass slides across the bar and you scoop it up while barely looking
Yeah…its going to be that kind of night.
Then you notice a minor commotion.
Every other guy in the place is antsy…restless
You look around for a bit but you don’t notice anything out of place
and then you spot her.
Tall. Leggy. Bored.
She’s sitting by herself at the corner of the bar…nursing a multicoloured concoction….and she’s tapping her fingers against her thigh
A silent staccato that speaks only to you…
Or so you think.
You watch as the local stallions trot up to her
You imagine that they are laying down their best game…
and one by one they fail.
Well., You think., Its only fair that you give her a shot….or two.
This is your bar. Your home court.
So you get up and casually stroll over in her direction…
The female bartender cocks her head…and you put up two fingers
She smirks. Then nods.
You slide onto the stool next to she…
You stare straight ahead
At the TV behind the bar. At the racks of bottles.
You feel her check you out. And dismiss you.
When she turns her head away from you, you turn and brazenly stare
Up and down.
She can feel it, but you keep doing it. Until finally she turns to catch your gaze.
This would ordinarily be your cue to quickly avert your gaze but you don’t. not tonight.
You stare into those hazel eyes and give her one more once over.
Now she’s incredulous.
Perfect timing…your bartender drops two glasses of your favorite libation in front of you.
It’s not fruity, isn’t colourful…
Its almost poison…but poison that tastes oh-so-good.
You pick up your glass and sip slowly. Savoring the delicious goodness….
She tries to ignore you and picks up her girly drink to sip but then the straw makes that telltale sound…she doesn’t have to look down to know her glass is empty.
You have a small smirk on your face…you kinda nod with your head towards the second glass.
She looks at you.
Looks at the glass
Shrugs….and picks it up.
She sips.
There’s the recognition.
She sips again.
You watch the motion of the cold liquid sliding down her throat.
Then you wait a few seconds
There’s the slight flush of her cheeks as the liquid warms her insides.
She takes one more sip and then sets the glass down.
Then she turns to you…
You turn away briefly…take another sip.
You’re not seeking liquid courage. You’re making her wait.
Then it begins:
She: what’s your name?
You: Chuck….what’s yours?
She: what would you like it to be tonight?
You: Yours
Without missing a beat she smiles slowly and says
Hi Chuck…tonight? I’m Yours
You: Damn right.

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3 Responses to “[pseudo-seduction]”

Lori Says:

Oh, Really? More please.

SardonicBarbs Says:

more of what exactly?

Lori Says:

More of these stories.

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