December 12th, 2012

People worry about being cheated on…
they hardly worry about being the person that the cheater is cheating with
the enabler.
the other woman.
the homewrecker.
what are they thinking?

the scenarios are simple enough…
that girl that you have been lusting after forever, who always seems to be in a relationship with some other guy
or you’re with some other girl
the timing is just never quite right…
suddenly an opportunity presents itself
do you turn it down because she’s not exactly single?
it’s a moment of weakness and it may be your only shot…ever.
do you take it or do you allow your conscience to stab you?
this would be one instance where single and available would mean wildly different things…

there’s that guy that you know
his girl doesn’t treat him right
she doesn’t make him happy
but you could make him happy…
if only you got a chance to show him…
its okay as long as he realizes that he should have been with you instead of her…right?
you were just making things right with the universe
you’re not really a bad person

but after such an opportunity presents itself
and is taken
what exactly comes next?
would you be satisfied with what you have?
would you mind sharing that person?
you’ve wanted them, now you have them
however small a piece
or short a time
they can’t stay the night
they don’t always pick up the phone
because they have a significant other that is priority #1 in their lives

do you let things be?
or do you embark on the often futile quest to get them gone?

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