November 7th, 2012


cross-post by Kiss&Run and SardonicallyBarbed

Boy meets girl and is smitten
Girl meets boy and sees…a plaything


It’s so difficult being a beautiful girl
I know, cry me a river right…?
but to be always at the center of attention
with boys tripping all over themselves in a bid to get my attention
having my pick…
It gets old.

She’s beautiful, aloof, and I’m smitten
(yes, it’s 2012, nobody gets “smitten” anymore, just work with me)
I lay down my absolute best game
but I cannot even get on 1st base
she rebuffs my every overture
I’m starting to wonder if I’m dreaming up her interest
I back off…but then she comes looking
does she miss me? 

I’m not smitten with this one…but then I never am
But he’s definitely not repulsive
Actually he is rather… attractive
I do enjoy the banter
and he has a not often experienced talent for making me laugh
So it’s not a total drag…
I mean you might even say I like him
enough to spend time with him anyway
or I should say,
enough to allow him to spend time with me
I’m neither happy nor unhappy with this boy
but I do have expectations as I do with all of them
the boy has hoops he must jump through before he can enter Narnia…
I do expect him to wait…
to suffer even
I don’t expect him to survive my tests…
and I fully expect him to throw his hands up and stomp away in a huff any moment now

I haven’t seen him in a while…
I think I might miss him
Only like I’d miss a pet monkey though
when he is not around to perform I get bored
I mean, I could replace him at any time
but he’s such an earnest monkey…


I’ve figured something out
I can see that she enjoys my company
and she is oftentimes bored and in need of attention/affection/adoration…
Fine, she won’t shag me…
and yes…she knows I wants some
she yanks my chain all the more…wondering why I wont leave like all the others

this boy has a plan
I’m going to keep the dancing monkey routine going
I’m going to let her get really comfortable
just so she lets her guard down
lets me in…

And she does
I mean after all, he’s been so loyal, caring, consistent…
Why not say what the hell
it would make an interesting change
so she lets him talk her into bed
and it was totally worth the wait…
he sends her crashing headfirst into pleasure
she wants more.
demands more
she’s entitled, right?
but now he has her…
but he doesn’t actually want her anymore
her abuse of power tainted everything…
he just wanted a taste of her and now that he’s got it…?
he’s done.

but with her demands for more come another…more diabolical urge
there’s no soft sensual lovemaking
there are no sweet words or soft kisses
in fact he hardly kisses her
you don’t kiss whores on the mouth do you?

he plays her like a harp
he doesn’t just pull on her strings…he yanks them all at once
leaves her panting, legs shaking, and begging for more
he is making her into a wanton, irrational version of herself
he is punishing her for making him suffer
for making him work so damn hard

he is hate-fucking her.
problem now is,
she loves it.

cross-post by Kiss&Run and SardonicallyBarbed

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4 Responses to “[she misbehaved]”

S Says:

V. sexy twist.

The Truth Says:

Awesome stuff. So True as well

Yea Says:

WTactualFuck! Story of my fucking life!! He hate-fucked me. Still hate-fucks me. WOWZERZ!

blackTaught Says:

nice twist!… definitely the norm… and men are learning to find their way through that maze… goodluck ladies…

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