July 25th, 2012

Like most women at the moment I’m working my way through the 50 shades trilogy,
I’m currently at the beginning of book 2.
What’s struck me so far isn’t just the red room of pain,
the whips and spanking
or the contract
(although perhaps some relationships would benefit from terms being laid bare early on?), but that actually, we’ve all been there.
Ok not necessarily with all the dom/sub shenanigans,
but in a relationship with someone that drives you fucking crazy,
both sexually and mentally.
Relationships can start with something as innocent as a simple kiss.
You look into their eyes and feel like you can see deep into their soul,
except it’s all blurry;
you can’t quite make it out.
It makes you intrigued, you want more.
The kissing intensifies and the passion takes over.
There’s an insatiable attraction between you.
One look is all it takes, all it takes to make you want them…
You want them physically,
but when you look into their eyes, you want more.
There’s more to have and you want it.
Even when the sex is over it always goes back to a kiss;
and that look when your eyes connect,
it feels like they can tell everything about you from that look,
yet to you…they’re still blurry.
You can’t work them out.
But every fibre of your being wants to…
No matter what you find,
you want to know.
You want to know so you can understand why they are the way they are;
so you can help them escape from whatever torment it is that you can see lurking in those fucked up shades of grey that cloud your view to their soul…

We’ve all been there right?
Because in our own way; we’re all at least 50 shades of fucked up.
No matter how deep we can see into each other’s eyes,
each other’s souls,
we’ll never get to the bottom because it’s constantly moving away from us;
we’re constantly developing shade after shade.
Maybe this is what keeps relationships together,
the continued intrigue and insatiable attraction,
or maybe it’s what pulls them apart…

[guest post by the Yearning Ninny]

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One Response to “[shoulda known]”

S Says:

I wish I could comment coherently on what resonates for me in this piece but, like you express so well, sometimes in trying to find the truth we ‘never get to the bottom because it’s constantly moving away from us’. Nicely done.

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