June 28th, 2012

guest post by the Yearning Ninny

I’m single and I’m not sure I can be arsed to mingle

Whilst being single is a relatively new concept for me
being on my own isn’t
my previous relationships have at some point involved an element of long-distance
so I am fairly used to being independent
but that’s not the issue…
Before single-dom became forced upon me, I’d go out with my friends for a night out,
and it was just that,
a girlie night out.
What girl doesn’t love a girlie night out?
Because, apparently when you’re single you are no longer allowed nights out purely to have fun with your friends.
No no, instead, nights out now seem to have one purpose and one purpose only;
find me a guy
It isn’t me that’s pushing this by the way,
this is my friends’ agenda…
Why do they do this?
I have never gone out to bars to find guys,
I go to bars to have fun…
fun with my friends…
not with random drunk guys who want in on the convo so they can get a bit of nookie.
Am I wrong in my approach?
Should I now be thinking that pulling random guys in bars is the best way forward?
I hope not.
But why do I seem to be the only person that thinks this is not the best way to meet someone?
Has too long out of the single game come to mean that I’ve got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to going out?
Don’t even get me started on people who want to introduce me to men they know simply because the said man is single.
They don’t even ask about any qualities I value in a man,
they simply assume that because I’m single I’ll get with any guy who has the same relationship status

Fuck it’s annoying.

guest post by the Yearning Ninny

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3 Responses to “[single]”

taynement Says:

Cosign from start to finish. #preach

Daks Says:

Ugh so true, everybody seems to believe single girls are gagging for any type of man just to escape the “loneliness”. So annoying.

The Yearning Ninny Says:

ah, i’m glad i’m not the only one!

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