February 11th, 2012

We all make snap judgments.
No exceptions
we judge everything in some way, shape, or form.
but other people are by far the most frequent victims of our cool eye
we meet someone
regardless of time, place, or situation
and we judge them.
it’s usually quick
the assessment, usually shallow.
but it is done, and will be done on a continuous basis for as long as we know that person

it’s important to note though that although someone might be getting judged
while its going on, he or she would probably be oblivious
 the person doing the judging?
should internalize…
no need to share a screenshot of your mental checklist
doesn’t matter how well you get along with that person
Or how much they seem to like you or you think you like them
giving them a passing or failing grade might just rub them the wrong way

It would be much too early to vocalize such opinions because no matter how that person thinks of you, the one thing that they might feel is that you do not know them well enough to form an assessment of their character, even if the assessment that you have is spot on.
this person has also made a snap judgment of you
and that judgment might just have been that you are mentally stunted and unable to reach accurate conclusions on anything subjective
but more importantly, whatever that judgment of you was?
that person remembered to keep quiet about it
at least for the time being

Now someone might meet a new person and be completely powerless to prevent their snap judgment from playing out in their behavior and reactions.
the new person might then feel it necessary to inquire about said behavior…
this will not work
in order for the snap-judge to explain their behavior, their assessment of the new person will have to referenced
in a nutshell…there’s actually no justification that would satisfy the injured party
it would be best to simply be quiet

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