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he pulls into his driveway
lets out a breath
long day
all he wants is a shower
maybe some food
definitely his bed
he grabs his stuff and begins the long walk to the front door
then his phone rings
its her…
he stops in his tracks…
he: hello
she: hi, you make it home okay?
he: yeah, just walking to my front door, you have perfect timing
she: you think so huh?
he: yeah
she: did your day get any better? or more bullshit?
he: long story short, i had to re do the entire report…i’m dead on my feet
she: well, i thought that might happen so i thought up a few ways to relax you
he resumes his walk to the front door
this time it has slowed to a leisurely stroll
he cradles the phone between his ear and shoulder as he rummages for his keys
he: what did you have in mind?
she: well you have to promise not to freak out…
he pulls open the front door, a puzzled look on his face as he steps in
he: why would i fr—
she steps out of his bedroom door
she’s wearing her favorite t-shirt…
it’s all black
with the letters X.O. in white
a souvenir from the Weeknd concert where they met…
he can see every inch of her long long tanned legs…
…because she isn’t wearing anything else…or so he hopes

he: how did you ge—
she doesn’t let him finish
she pulls out her phone and reads off the screen
she: hide-a-key under the front porch…come over whenever
he: i sent that 2 weeks ago!
she: i know
he: you didn’t even respond!
she: i know
he: where have you been?
she: Brazil
he looks at her in total disbelief…
he: Brazil? what for?
she: i had a project to finish, so I left to finish it…now i’m back
he stands there staring at her…drinking her in
she smiles at him
she: lets get you out of this jacket and shoes
she takes off his jacket and hands him a glass of dark liquid
there’s less than 2 fingers…
he: barely anything in here
she: i know. that’s your shot. down it. no questions.
he raises a brow but downs the liquid as requested
he hands it back and gets another glass in return
this one is near full
she: Jameson on the rocks…sit and sip till you feel better
he doesn’t argue
he hops on the couch, puts his feet up, and throws his head back
he looks up in time to see her disappear back into his bedroom
he’s feeling more alert…
…more cheeky
he: do you have anything on under that shirt?
she: …
he: come on…i’m dying to know
he hears her moving around
[then the song above starts playing]
her t-shirt comes flying out the doorway
she: come find out

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