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The word hater is something that has been used randomly,
we all believe we have haters and guess what… we all do.
don’t matter how insignificant you believe your existence to be…
there is a hater for you out there.

“A hater is one who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike for another place, person or thing, particularly if motivated by envy”

ok… I know we all knew this already but guess what…
you are a hater… and I am a hater
don’t be upset, just accept it as is.
fact is, no matter how perfect or well put together your life is
there is someone better
someone cooler
someone who just seems to be above you in all things…
…or at least those things that you find important
these simple facts are usually hard to accept for some and simply disregarded by others
it is these facts, among others, that sow the seeds of hating…

for example…
boy meets girl…and girl disregards boy
boy tries to move on
and to help the process…tells anyone that cares to listen that girl is a bitch
boy then gets over girl,
finds a new girl
…and is seemingly satisfied.
happy even…
then old girl starts to tell anyone that cares to listen
that boy is weak, and she don’t understand what new girl sees in him

I mean you see rich people hating and you wonder why…
poor people hating on fellow poor people and you wonder why…
I will tell you why…
We are competitive by nature
…and we seem to love the struggle.

I know what you’re saying to yourself…
of course you’re not a hater
you’ve never been that envious of another human being
…or have you?

think of someone you admire.
not a celebrity
not some millionaire playboy/heiress
just a regular Joe…one who you’d like to emulate
…or aspire to be like
well shaping your life to be just like theirs is not going to be easy…
and at some point…while you’re trying your best
and finding it even the slightest bit difficult or daunting…
…you will hate them.
might be for a split second
but for that brief moment…you are a hater

I am not saying you should not be ambitious…
and I am not saying you should not have people you look up to… role models and all
just realize that you probably will hate…
your job is to make sure you use that hating to your advantage

i would like to thank theIncredibleBulk for co-writing this piece 
plenty more randomness coming soon. 

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