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I love this movie, and I love this particular scene…
it is common knowledge that women fake orgasms…
(apparently men can too, they just dont do it as often)

there’s that famous Sharon Stone quote:
“Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships”
but that’s a topic for another day…

as I am wont to do…I polled my female friends and got a variety of theories/responses/rationalizations as to how and why women fake their orgasms
First was the standard, I dont want him to feel like a failure rationale…
which while maybe well-intentioned in the beginning, will only serve to screw the guy over in his next slew of relationships because he would go in believing he had some sort of sexual prowess…
Of course he could be saved by another female telling quite calmly:
You actually don’t know what you’re doing…
but we all know that sort of honesty is rare these days

I can’t orgasm through regular intercourse
I love this answer
not to say that I do not feel sorry for such females, because indeed I do
but this little “problem” opens up so many doors:
first there’s no pressure for the guy during sex
then there’s the variations in sexual activity, because if she can’t with regular sex, best believe she’s discovered other ways to orgasm which means…more fun in bed

I also asked a few guy friends
but their answers were tied to ego, including the standard:
oh i wouldnt know, no girl has ever faked with me…(thank you Billy Crystal)
anyways, my search for a male perspective led me to the interwebs where I found this wonderful blogger The Rational Male, who has a post titled Sex Debt in which he argues thus:

the harsher truth was that women’s tendency to fake orgasm with high value men was the result of a desire to secure that man for commitment and breeding prospects – not as some feminine courtesy for a bad lover

…and there it is.

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You are both in love always in that moment
Intense on the edge
Begging to tip over
Begging to stay in that moment
The veil is drawn
No questions unanswered
You know all, love all.
Unhearing, unseeing, you drift
Away on the high
Complete, whole.
Then it’s awakening;
Eyes drawn, you gaze
You may feel but can not really know –
That moment has been someone else’s too perhaps
You’ve been there before too but this seems
It is lived for, the daily routine a dance
To this point
Time apart only prelude to forever.
You couldn’t have seen that otherness coming
Now a stranger with a stranger.
It stays with you.

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