February 9th, 2012

Please take everything you read in this post with a heavy dash of salt;
if artistic license were a cocktail, then this author is about to guzzle it down with the quickness.


The Agamemnon Principle

Some versions of the legendary Trojan War suggest that Paris seduced Helen during a visit to Sparta, after which she left her husband Menelaus to go back to Troywith her new lover.
 Enter Agamemnon, Menelaus’ brother, who had always wanted to conquer Troy, to the rescue…so to speak.
 He convinces the jilted and furious husband that he needs to go to Troy with the entire Spartan army to defeatParis and his Trojan army and retrieve his wife.

This dude Menelaus actually thought it was a good idea.
because you know…if you defeat him in battle, its almost like he didn’t have sex with your wife at all…
slate wiped clean and all that good stuff.

I don’t believe in chasing after a woman who obviously does not want to be with you anymore…
in fact, I think it is downright stupid.
your girlfriend breaks up with you…
tells you that she’s met someone else and no longer wishes to be with you…
except that the Agamemnon Principle suggests that you should then do everything humanly possible to “win her back” –
like sailing your entire armada across the Aegean Sea to a to bang your head against the walls of a fortress for seven (7) years…
lets simply ignore her clear choice…
lets also ignore the insult to your manhood;
its perfectly logical to chase after rejection…
because more rejection might taste even sweeter.

You walk into your house to find your girlfriend shagging another guy senseless,
everyone has heard of the 5 stages of grief right?
well thankfully we are spared such…
instead the guy goes through the 2 stages of cuckolding
shock…and anger.
(Instead of cutting your losses and walking away from someone who clearly doent want or respect you) the Agamemnon Principle suggests that force be applied as needed to get our girl back…
 in this situation – there’s nothing wrong with starting a war with another nation over a woman…
so handing out a brutal beating to the male partner of that wild romp is completely acceptable.
my question is this:
which of the two made the commitment to you?
which of them actually cheated on you, and who was just a willing participant?
I don’t suggest the 3rd party is blameless…
but you cannot punish him and let the female go unscathed…

Another favorite scenario of mine is the one that involves pulling in your friends to “help” you get your ex back…
any friend that doesn’t slap you silly is a bad friend
Agamemnon wanted to crush Troy…
he was greedy and needed an excuse…
your friend probably secretly hates you and wants to see you suffer
the Agamemnon Principle allows him or her to constantly offer advice on how to win your girl back…or worse, offer to intercede with said female on your behalf
– inserting another human into what is essentially a chaotic relationship situation can never, ever, be a good thing

When a girl tells you she wants out, let her go.
she’s made that decision on a set of metrics that may or may not be known to you
now whether that information she’s used is good or bad is irrelevant…
it’s in her head, and that’s all the validation she needs.
if she comes back to you?
she might never respect you again considering what kind bitchassed hoop-jumping you had to do to get her back
and you’d probably live in constant fear that she might leave you again
is that life?

frighteningly enough, a great many people adhere to this principle and practice it daily.
I do feel sorry for them but mostly I’m too busy laughing.

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