December 4th, 2012

“R.I.P to the girl you used to see
Her days are over.
baby she’s over…”
I love that the song starts with that…but I doubt Rita is over…
not by a long shot

I love do the interwebs though
long story short:
Rita Ora cheated on her (maybe) boyfriend Rob Kardashian…
…with something like 20 guys
…in the space of a year (allegedly)
twitter of course exploded and the delightful #RitaWhora tag was born
Is Rita a whore?
sure. why not?
does Rob have a right to be angry?
but i just wonder if he has a leg to stand on considering that his celeb status can be traced back to a sex-tape
and i just wonder where he was when Rita was banging all them guys…
how does he even know how many guys there were?

I will leave you with this:
“20 dudes in a year that you know?
So do we do the x3 thing?
If we do, then she deserves a standing ovation…oh wait…”

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One Response to “[the Case of Rita Ora]”

taynement Says:

I do think Rita is over, especially since her career never really took off. I think Rob is exaggerating the number just because he is a whiny boy like that. Assuming it’s true, I see no correlation between him having a leg to stand on and his sister’s sex tape. two separate individuals who happen to be siblings.

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