April 12th, 2012
[guest post by The Fallout]
I can’t honestly say there was a clear single moment when I looked at it objectively and decided that it was going to happen.
Perhaps there never was any question now that we’d gone into orbit around each other.
I remember moments where I imagined what it would be like.
He’d be talking and I’d be watching his lips, his hands.
I remember tentative hand holding and suggestive whispers.
I remember being in our own little world in a crowded room or car and the buzz of it.
Then there is the night we kissed.
It started off innocently enough.
Well ok, not really.
Things had steadily been building up to this;
the evenings drinking, the constant messaging, the conversations that excluded everyone else.
We sat outside for a change.
As usual I’d made sure I was sitting next to him hoping I wasn’t being obvious and then eventually not caring.
My hands were wandering under the table and I was thrilled by the illicitness of it and by his reaction. He had to stop me going that bit too far but it was too late.
If not my mind, my heart and somewhere else less abstract was made up.
I didn’t know when or how but we were going to see this through to the hot sticky end.
He suggested we we get some privacy, I didn’t hesitate, didn’t make excuses to the table full of people.
He kissed me, I kissed back.
We kissed.
It was risky, heady.
It was a sweet relief to finally be making unhampered physical contact.
It was just good, satisfying but arousing, right.
It was over too soon and I was drunk on it all. There would be no going back, I wouldn’t talk myself down or worry.
Why deny myself?

[guest post by The Fallout]

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2 Responses to “[the Decision]”

Lori Says:

Something about this guest post makes me very jealous. Very very jealous.

The Fallout Says:

I’ll take that as a compliment…

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