January 21st, 2012

The Truth is…

 When a guy sees a girl for the first time and finds her attractive,
 he goes through the different motions to sleep with her.
 It all starts from the first time he sees her
 and more or less ends with an event I call ‘the lift’

Boy sees girl,
boy says hello to girl,
they start talking,
 they flirt a bit,
 they exchange phone numbers,
 they talk on the phone,
 they have dinner,
more flirting,
 a good night kiss,
 chemistry develops,
 they flirt harder,
 talk gets dirtier,
 pictures and videos get thrown into the mix,
 the lust intensifies,
 they do a bit more than kissing,
 hands go under clothes,
 clothes come off,
 lips go all over,
 hands go places but are stopped halfway,
 the night ends abruptly.

 when they meet up again,
 more kissing, touching, nibbling,
 hands are all over the place,
 he puts his hand down her pants and she doesn’t stop him,
 he tries to take ‘em off then she stops him,
 they nibble some more,
 they kiss some more,
 its late,
  another abrupt end.

  more talk,
  flirting dominated by the need to go all the way,
  when they meet again,
 its more intense,
 the kissing,
 there’s a sense of inevitability now,
 they just go with the flow,
 this time, when he goes to touch her,
 she lets him,
 when he slides his hand down her pants,
 she doesn’t stop him,
 he tries to take em off,
 and she ‘lifts’ her hips to help him.
 boy shags girl.

[guest post by The Truth]

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The Fallout Says:

Oh but don’t we all enjoy the dance!!

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