July 31st, 2013

You know you can be in love with several men at the same time….

The one who fucks you so well you get wet just thinking about him
The one who towers over everyone standing on his wallet.
The businessman whose magic words are “your account has been credited”
The soulful one who texts day and night; a sonnet here, a sexy limerick there…
who appeals to your inner Byron
The one who comes when Lastma has held you hostage;
the saviour, the protector, who is by your side with one phone call
The suave sophisticated one who feeds you fancy food like steak tartare and teaches you about wines and cigars and all that good stuff
The sensitive one, who is not afraid to be emotional, to cry, to show you that part of himself no one else sees
A different man for every occasion
You shuffle the deck and draw a card when the mood strikes you.
Sex so amazing you lie back and stare blindly at the ceiling when you’re done, legs quivering, breath hitching, pussy throbbing
Shopping sprees, trips, everything you ever wished for
Re-reading his messages…over and over again, committing the beautiful words to memory
Going forth boldly in the thought that you could never come to harm because he’s always there
New experiences, new knowledge, opening up a world that no one but him could show you in that way
Holding him in your arms when he cries, feeling your hearts beat as one, skin melding, thoughts flowing, becoming one person…..
A different man for every occasion
To commit the perfect act of infidelity is to find all these men rolled into one,
to find the perfect embodiment of a lover,
a giver,
a romantic,
a protector,
a teacher,
a friend.

And then you can cheat over and over and over and over and over…….

guest post by LipstickMafia

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