January 25th, 2012

You knock on her door…
eager anticipation paints a stupid grin on your face
it’s gonna be good…you think to yourself
it’s going to be fun.
the door swings open and it’s a familiar face
not the one you want
not *her* face
you greet her warmly
she greets you with a whispered hello…and a wry smile
why so crestfallen?
she must have been expecting company herself
no matter
we can all hang together
step in the room
she’s right past the wall
you take a deeeeeeeep breath
bracing yourself
for the onslaught of her
oh and isn’t this perfect?
the lights are out and a movie is on
you can hear the voices coming from the flatscreen in the corner
she didn’t say tonight was movie night…
but then you didn’t call to tell her you were coming over either
no matter
here we go
poke your head round the short wall…
and there she is.
she’s sitting up against her headboard
knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs
she’s intent on the screen
she can’t see you
you take that half-second to admire her
her toes are stuck under her comforter
but you remember she had the cutest toes
that day they were fuchsia
She had just got a pedi
you look at her face
you remember the eyes of piercing blue
soft pouty lips
right then, parted ever so slightly
then there’s a shrill scream from the TV
she jumps!
and then turns and buries her head into the shoulder of the guy sitting next to her
he puts his arm around her and chuckles
gives her a squeeze
your world is ending
they don’t see you
they’re both engrossed in the movie
you quickly turn back towards the door
the roommate is still there
oh look.
she still has the door open
there’s that wry, pitying smile again
you stare at her
she looks at you with a slight shrug that says
dude. You are not the first.
you hesitate
but you cannot look back. Not at her.
you step into the hallway and the door shuts softly behind you

Almost everyone has had a one-nighter in college/university
now whether both parties knew or agreed that it was a one-nighter is a different story altogether
this is a short excerpt from the life of a boy that was soon to become a man
he met a girl
he liked the girl
he hooked up with the girl
unfortunately for him
this girl only wanted a one-nighter
and she got it
he and his punch-drunk love have now been officially bitchslapped
but this is not the end of the story…

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2 Responses to “[the vixen] – part 1”

The Fallout Says:

Part 2 please!!

The Truth Says:

Ahhhhh this is an all too familiar tale. loving the friend who just let him walk in

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