January 25th, 2012

You didn’t want to come to this party
but here you are anyway
the music is too loud so you step outside
its cool and crisp like air should always be
you pop out a menthol and start the systematic pat-down
then there’s the all too familiar click
then a flame appears
illuminating the corner of the building
in those short seconds, a face appears
then its gone
you saunter over
plant yourself in front of the body that owns the face
and you wait
Cool and suspicious eyes asses your waiting stare and the cigarette between your lips
shortly you’re puffing away in mutual silence
you ask his name
he asks your major
soon the conversation is flowing hard and fast and you’re laughing at everything
both love Jack Daniels and Cannes flicks
both November babies
he pleases your eye
and you are interested in finding out just what the gleam in his eye actually means
then you hear a sound
it’s a familiar sound
but also one that means impending doom
its your roommate
your drunk, horny, bitter roommate
she’s yelling your name
you turn and wave, and smile apologetically at him
but you know deep down that you are the one that will need the apology
she runs up to you
high as a fucking kite
you stop her endless babbling to introduce her to your new friend
you turn and say her name
and then you look back at him
and that sinking feeling hits
his eyes are glazed over
his tongue is in knots
that easy camaraderie is long gone
he is staring at her in befuddlement and has nary a thought for you
you look back at her and watch as her predatory instincts activate
she smiles for him
1.21 gigawatts of unrestrained sexual power.
you walk away.
they don’t notice.
for a half hour you bonded
you were interested in a cute guy and he was interested back
would you have taken him home?
you don’t know but you would have loved to have had the choice as to whether to be deliciously promiscuous or not
with him
this is the third one that you have lost to her
but you aren’t even angry
it’s a testament to their weakness that they start with you and end with her
or is a testament to your plainness?
not plainness
just a helpless desire to endure punishment by standing next to her
the cab ride home would be torture
but as you splash coke into your double, you decide it doesn’t have to be that way
let her find her way home
let her find a new best friend
let her find a new roommate
feels good to punish her in your mind
tomorrow it will all go back to normal

Part II of the vixen series
Conclusion coming soon

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