November 27th, 2011
I want to get married.
Its time.
Isn’t it?
I want to get married. 
Because it seems like a wedding is the only party I cant throw.
Because I want people to stop feeling sorry for me
Or giving me THAT look
Im actually tired of dating…at my age, you’re not really dating anyway, 
Youre just conducting marriage interviews
I want to get married
Because it seems like most companies hate to fire/layoff married men
So its for job security. 
I want to get married
Because just sowing your oats is out
Sowing and reaping (babies) is in
I want to get married
Because in 2012 if you’re not married you’re going to be labeled an abject failure
I want to get married so people will like me.
Married is the new single. 

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