January 30th, 2012

When you decide to be friends with a female it comes with its own special brand of problems
problems that really don’t seem to have clear-cut solutions
but instead sink you deeper and deeper into the quagmire of nonsense
Sam and Jane are friends
Sam and Jane are close
Sam is picky when he comes to females and cannot seem to date a girl for more than 3 months
is he a bit of an asshole?
but he does wine them
dine them
and shags them proper like

In month one, he’s enamored with them
in month two, he’s comfortable
by the start of month three he’s tired of them…and planning his exit strategy
he as complained about his particular malady to Jane who is convinced he will find the “right” girl

Jane also has relationship problems
she often finds herself in long term relationships
relationships where she is totally committed
100%, head over heels in love
…with assholes/wastrels/skirt-chasers/and every fucked up male there is on planet earth.
Jane does not know how to pick men…
and even when it is abundantly clear that the guy is no good for her?
she still has “faith” that she can make the relationship work.
this author will not call her a complete idiot…but might be thinking it

Sam’s problems with Jane begin with Jane’s new friend Tracey…
Tracey is single and looking for a man
and of course, the gods of mischief and mayhem somehow planted the idea in Jane’s head that Sam would be the perfect boyfriend for Tracey…
and course Tracey is the perfect girl for Sam
she will tame his wild heart and make a good man out of him
so without further ado, she begins to gush about her new friend
and regale Sam with little tidbits of her wonderful character
Sam essentially is fucked.
if she meets this girl and likes what he sees…he knows that he might as well whip out the hourglass and flip it over…
he knows that if he meets her and doesn’t like what he sees…he’s still in trouble because he’s dealing with a hopeless romantic.
the only thing he does want is to keep his friend…
I do wonder if that’s at all possible.

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One Response to “[wires crossed]”

taynement Says:

Chances of it being possible (keeping his friend) is greater if he meets her and doesn’t like what he sees. I’d assume he can be honest with his friend. Where it gets murky is if he likes what he sees and falls into his 3 month pattern.

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